Do you miss webOS as much as I do? If so and you use Android today, you’ll be happy to see webOS running as an Android app. The project isn’t ready for prime-time use, but it’s making progress. Practical? No. Geeky and nostalgic? You bet!

webOS on Android

Palm webOS fans left in the cold from HP’s debacle with the mobile operating system can rejoice a little. HP open-sourced the webOS platform, making for some interesting third-party webOS efforts and giving the platform a new lease on life. Some developers have ported the operating system to different devices, but that can be a cumbersome user process. What if you could run webOS on any Android device as an app?

Turns out, the possibility is slowly becoming a reality: Phoenix International Communications is getting closer to running webOS on Android with a single tap. The effort is considered “pre-alpha” so it’s not even close to ready for prime-time. But, as shown in this video, the proof-of-concept project proves it can be done:

Without hardware acceleration, the webOS environment is super-sluggishly slow, of course: You’re not going to run this now and get the performance of webOS on native hardware. Still, this is progress, says WebOS Nation, which notes that in mid-October, the team at Phoenix couldn’t even get past the lock screen.

  1. …I honestly prefer the way that webOS militaries…over any existing mobile OS.

    1. multitasks…

      1. I could not agree more (now that I know you meant multitask). :)

  2. Wouldn’t mind having this as a nice lil sandbox app.


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