New Deepfield analysis out just after Black Friday and in time for Cyber Monday shows (spoiler alert!) Amazon is by far the most popular online retail site. But there are some surprises as well.

Updated: Just in time for Cyber Monday, Deepfield released new numbers ranking online retail sites based on their traffic. Some of the results are surprising (Shopify, which offers an ecommerce platform for e-commerce sites, shows pretty good numbers); some less so (Amazon remains by far the largest and busiest site).

Deepfield, which offers services to build, manage and optimize network infrastructure, studied online shopping infrastructure by sampling internet backbone traffic across a “large cross section of North America and multiple collaborating infrastructure and internet providers.” The goal: To estimate how many users hit these sites daily and determine market share of the sites based on those numbers.

According to Deepfield’s results:

“What is truly impressive is how much larger Amazon shopping is compared to any other online site. Amazon is almost double the next largest shopping competitor, eBay, which enjoys 8.8% of daily Internet users.”

With Amazon, Deepfield includes a raft of smaller Amazon-owned sub-sites like MyHabit, although Zappos, which Amazon bought two years ago, was counted separately.

Deepfield included e-commerce hosting sites — including Shopify — to show how vibrant this market is. Shopify, which offers a web storefront that is used by more than 30,000 sites, garnered 5.4 percent market share among daily users. Quidsi, the company behind diapers.com, soap.com and other sites, also got a healthy 3.1 percent of daily visitors, and was also bought by Amazon in 2010.

Update: (12:45 p.m. PST) The results are summarized in the updated Deepfield chart below:

Feature photo courtesy of Flickr user Shlomi Fish

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  1. phd guy, PhDguy Monday, November 26, 2012

    Kudos to Amazon – they offer great value and convenience.

    We are excited to launch Flash Purchase this holiday season which will enable consumers to create their own deals, join others and share them while building group purchasing power resulting in great prices.

  2. good

  3. The most popular online store Hmm…?

  4. Preston Gardner Monday, November 26, 2012

    The Deepfield chart shows Shopify twice, once at 5.4% and again near the bottom. This is probably a mistake.

    1. i should have caught that, obviously. I pinged Deepfield and they said the second reference (smaller one) should be ShopAtHome . I will update the chart now. Thanks for the heads up!

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