Social news app Flipboard aims to help readers discover books in a new partnership with Apple’s iBookstore. Flipboard takes a cut of each book sale made via its platform.

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Social news app Flipboard already aims to help users discover new web content. Now the company is branching out to book discovery. On Thursday, Flipboard added a new Books section to its iOS apps in partnership with Apple’s iBookstore. Users can browse for books in 25 categories and then link directly to the iBookstore to buy them.

“By surfacing books available on the iBookstore on Flipboard, readers will encounter great books naturally, alongside the kinds of content they’re already reading about,” Flipboard head of publisher partnerships Christina Mace-Turner said in a statement, “so they can explore popular books as well as discover the many thousands of amazing books in the long tail.”

Each books page on Flipboard shows three titles, including their cover, author and a book description pulled from the iBookstore.

MediaPost reports that Flipboard is part of the iBookstore affiliate program and takes a 5 percent cut of each book sale referred by its platform. The book sections are available in 10 countries and “there are 25 customized and localized sections for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, and Spain.”

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  2. Great news! I do hope my multi-touch books can be selected by Flipboard.

    Kevin Ho

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