Here’s another sign that live, over-the-air broadcast TV is heating up: The WD TV Live line of devices just got support for over-the-air tuners, enabling users to watch free HD TV and even record shows with a basic DVR feature. Check out our first look.

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The WD TV Live player and the WD TV Live Hub can now be used to watch and record live broadcast television, thanks to added support for Hauppauge over-the-air tuners. Here’s a quick first look at the new feature:

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Are you watching over-the-air TV? And if so: what does your setup look like? Please share your thoughts in the comments, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or email us at cordcutters @ gigaom.com.

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  1. Single tuner? Or can you use more than one?

  2. Feels like WD and Boxee are going backwards. I can appreciate the struggle to keep your head above water when no one wants to give you their content but why in the world would I want to install an over-the-air TV tuner on an OTT device? I thought the idea was to cut the cable?

    1. You are combining OTT content (Apple TV, Hulu, etc., with OTA (over-the-air) TV (CBS< ABC< FOX, etc.) giving you streaming content combined with the very best quality HD TV content of your local TV stations. Pretty simple, really

  3. @ Bob – The idea is to cut the cable. OTA is free, just the need for a tuner and antenna. Simple!

  4. CordCutterGuest Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    I just bought a Boxee. I like the TV guide but I cannot record to USB.

    1. Exactly why I didn’t like Boxee tv. Hate monthly fees, option to record locally would be nice.

  5. What is the point? my TV already has a tuner capable of OTA…. why do I need this other stuff?

    1. To record your shows.

  6. This is awesome, any news on whether it will support two tuners for simultaneous recordings?

    1. I don’t think it will… first of all there is no real guide that would allow you to schedule two recordings. Secondly, the WD LIve TV only has two USB ports, which means that most people will use one for storage and one for the tuner.

  7. The best basic cord cutting device I have found, and love, is my OTA DVR that I bought at Walmart. It is a DVR with a built in programmable over the air tuner for local digital TV. I dont pay anything per month for digital TV, and can watch it anytime I want with the DVR. Its the Magnavox MDR513H.

    1. Rick , how is the scheduling capability of that recorder? Can you record every new episode of a given show, or do you have to schedule by time slot (e.g. every Wednesday at 8pm)?

  8. Here is what my setup looks like.kishanrathod.blogspot.com/2012/06/ota-antenna-and-dvr.html?m=1

  9. how can i get this to work with my HDHomeRun?

    1. I would like to know this as well

      1. I don’t think you can. The app is specifically for Hauppauge tuners.

  10. So nothing for us old WDTV Live and Plus supporters (again)? Maybe we need a better hacker community for these boxes. OTA no help in rural areas like mine as I get only 3 channels, one of which is a kid’s educational channel. Cutting the cord not so easy under those cicumstances…

  11. I think this needs at least a minimal guide available. Even if it doesn’t have subscription high end type guide info, a basic guide would make it way better so at least you could set recordings and such instead of only being able to record what you’re already watching. Maybe in the works or is this it? If it gets a guide, this would be an end all media box.

  12. I have played around with a lot of different set ups and this is what I have found to be the best mix. I use have an xbox360 used as a media extender to a desktop on my network. The 360 has about every streaming app I want or need. For OTA I have tv tuners in desktop connected to antenna in attic. I use free windows media center to record programs. The 360 then can play my recordings or even watch live tv. Also I can display all my media from desktop throu the 360. I’ve had this for a year and works great

  13. I have a good outdoor antenna connected to an HD TiVo unit. I receive a total of 41 OTA channels without any reception problems and can record two channels at one time on the TiVo. I also have access to Hulu, an much more on my TV via Playon software streamed to the TV via a RoKu unit. I aslo subscribe to Netflix. Since I already paid for lifetime TiVo service my monthly cost is just $8 for Netflix. We have a tremendous amount of TV available to us in great HD quality with this setup.

  14. Can you pause and rewind when viewing live tv?

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