The Atlantic’s new web channel, The Sexes, focuses on gender issues. The company stresses that it is for both men and women and is not just “another ladyblog.”

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The Atlantic has launched a new web channel, “The Sexes,” that focuses on gender dynamics and “the way men and women interact in society today.” Anne-Marie Slaughter, whose article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” was TheAtlantic.com’s most-read article ever, will contribute, and The Atlantic’s senior associate editor Eleanor Barkhorn is editor.

“The Sexes” isn’t a “ladyblog,” Barkhorn writes. “There are numerous sites — JezebelSlate‘s Double XHuffington Post Women — that have been doing excellent, energetic, important work on women’s issues for years. The Sexes channel isn’t competing with them. Our goal isn’t to be a women’s site, but rather to focus on issues that affect men and women, from the perspective of both genders.”

Sites like Jezebel and Double X — and the excellent The Hairpin — would likely respond that they do much of the same thing and are read by both genders. (There’s also Buzzfeed’s The Shift, launched in March, which seems a bit neglected as of late and currently features a lot of hurricane listicles. Update: As reader Rick points out in the comments, Buzzfeed suffered hurricane outages and it’s not fair to criticize some delays in getting back to full coverage. Sorry about that.) Barkhorn seems to be saying that “The Sexes” is a little more serious, more grownup. You know — more Atlantic-y. No recipes, beauty tips or celebs here.

Regardless, the site looks good and interesting and readers clearly have an appetite for this kind of content, as Slaughter’s article proved. She’s written one of the first posts on the new channel, “Work-Life Balance as a Men’s Issue, Too.”

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  1. I’ve read a number of good long-form pieces on BuzzFeed Shift lately, from Pinterest to politics. Not sure it’s the neglected wasteland this article makes it out to be–especially given that BuzzFeed is based in NYC and its writers are probably as impacted by the hurricane as everyone else.

    1. Laura Hazard Owen Rick Thursday, November 1, 2012

      That’s a completely fair point and I’ve updated the post.

  2. Let’s see if she can show any sympathy for a man’s point of view. That may be a challenge.

  3. Let’s see if they’ll let any man compete with Hanna Rosin, Sandra Loh, or Anne-Marie Slaughter. They’ve been hating on men for a long time now.

  4. Most view the Atlantic as a forum for bringing up Women’s issues. That is fine, but attacking Men and putting them down is not helpful, but I guess it sells and works the Atlantic’s publication numbers. Do they really expect Men to participate given the Atlantic’s attack Men articles.

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