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Managing cloud app-hosting services when many different locations and installations are involved can be a tricky exercise. Julian Coulon of Cedexis has some tips and tricks.

What’s the best way to ensure maximum performance of hosted apps? Depend on multiple cloud hosting services that have distinct regional strengths, Cedexis co-founder and general manager Julien Coulon told SoundView CEO and GigaOM Pro analyst Kris Tuttle during a panel on day two of GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference in Amsterdam

Check out the rest of the Structure Europe 2012 live coverage here, and a video recording of the session follow below.

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  1. Roman Tarnavski Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    The performance optimisations that can be gained through the insight offered by Cedexis or similar offerings is incredibly powerful.

    Although the discouragement of “eggs in one basket” is a poor one, as the efficiencies gained in one step, can potentially be diminished or even taken away through having to build, maintain, and operate abstractions which are responsible for the platform that allows for spanning of workload placement.
    As not all hosting providers will offer the same functionality, and through having to build your app atop a common denominator of functionality will prevent the business from realising the full potential offered by any one provider.

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