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Commoditization of the cloud may never happen, because like the hotel industry, there are too many variables that will matter. Some people will pay more for compute in a specific geographic location and even for computing on a specific day.

Turn off your instances when you don’t need them. This and other bits of wisdom associated with the cost of deploying new services and applications to the cloud were shared Tuesday morning at Structure:Europe in Amsterdam. Joe Weinman, SVP Cloud Services and Strategy at Telx led panelists Mat Ellis, Founder and CEO of Cloudability; James Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Strategic Blue; Sander Nagtegaal, Co-Founder and CTO of Peecho; and Sharon Wagner, Founder and CEO of Cloudyn participated in a discussion about the economics and pitfalls of moving to the cloud.

Check out the rest of our Structure Europe live coverage here, and a video recording of the session follows below.

  1. Here are the links to the participants websites, for anyone who wants them.
    http://www.cloudability.com ; http://www.strategic-blue.com ; http://www.cloudyn.com; http://www.peecho.com


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