Do federated clouds deliver?

Structure Europe 2012, Mark Cravotta of Tier 3; David Drai of Akamai and Pascale Vicat-Blanc of Lyatiss

Federated clouds are like chupacabras— the mythical goat vampires of the Southwest — people think they have really seen them, but everyone has a slightly different vision of what one looks like. In a panel Tuesday at Structure:Europe, GigaOM’s Barb Darrow led Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp; Mark Cravotta, SVP Worldwide Sales at Tier 3; David Drai, Chief Strategist Emerging Products Business Unit at Akamai; and Pascale Vicat-Blanc – CEO of Lyatiss in a lively discussion that covered Amazon, the future of service provider clouds and how Europeans don’t like to buy cloud computing, but are fine with purchasing on-demand virtualized servers.

Check out the rest of our Structure Europe 2012 live coverage here, and a video recording of the session follows below.

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