Chris Hardwick, founder and chief nerd at, hops on to a special Commutist episode. Between his TV background, podcast network and stand-up tours, Hardwick is at the nexus of old and new media. He shares his thoughts on that and how technology impacts his work.


It’s an “-ist” party this week as Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist media empire joins us for a special edition Commutist podcast. Hardwick has an interesting perspective on the ever-changing media landscape: his roots are in “old media,” co-hosting MTV’s Singled Out during the ’90s, he performs stand-up comedy live, and he’s positioned himself for a “new media” world with his Nerdist website, podcasts and YouTube channel. We talked with Hardwick by phone about what Nerdist (which was acquired by Legendary Entertainment earlier this year) is, how he tries to bridge the gap between old and new media, and how technology impacts his comedy.

Also, the Commutist is now available on Stitcher Radio!


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