It’s hard to classify what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is because it mostly requires two hands to use and has a 5.5-inch display. But it fits in a front pocket and makes voice calls. Here’s our first look at Samsung’s latest and greatest Android device.

Galaxy Note 2 unboxed

The original Galaxy Note surprised many with millions of sales and now Samsung is looking to repeat the process on a larger scale with the Galaxy Note 2. I ordered an international version of this 5.5-inch phone, which generally requites two hands to use, just like a tablet. My first look shows the Galaxy Note 2 compared to multiple devices of varying size. Is it too big? That’s a personal question, but as I show in the video, it’s no problem to tuck the phone in my front jeans pocket.

[ooyala=ZxYmMzNjr_3MmNM4bJsEjceTIfBi7rk_ width=600 height=338]

First impressions tell me that this combination of 1.6 GHz quad-core processor paired with 2 GB of memory is a potent package. I’ve seen no lag at all just yet. The HD Super AMOLED display at 1280 x 720 resolution is crisp for text, images and videos. A few pictures taken with the 8 megapixel camera look good and the camera’s burst mode is extremely fast.

I’ll have a full review follow up as this phone is expected in the U.S. in the coming weeks on multiple carriers. For now, I’m simply getting used to the size of the Galaxy Note 2 and trying to decide if could replace both a smartphone and a 7-inch tablet.

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  1. Did they increase the size and reduce the bezel of the original note? How is the footprint of the Note 2 compared to the Note 1?

    1. + I’m curious about this as well. Wished it was a Nexus device running stock Android though.

      1. It’s taller and narrower than the first Note, and with a thinner bezel. And there’s no way Samsung would release one of their biggest most important devices without Samsung’s signature TouchWiz.

      2. Thx. Yep I agree it’s only available with TW. It was only wishful thinking on my part for stock Android. Perhaps one if the other Android OEMs will release a Nexus phablet in the future.

  2. Ozualdo Cuevas Thursday, October 4, 2012

    It is great for many people and I may like it when it comes out. How much quadcore chipsets will do the match with battery life and in phone graphics with LTE and screen performance? I had read that LTE isn’t what in my opinion is “wifi broadband with steroids”. The steroid part not quite let me explain. The carriers are slowly tapping the cell towers and servers and digitizers. When in door LTE GPS comes out then the market may be evenly saturated data wise. This smarthphone for example with a big engine and poor qualities of fuel for data speeds. You the carriers may fool me and everyone else ;but, is okay. Too much too fast not good anyway, right?. We the consumers know to like the phablets for now.

  3. Great video, very informatiatve. But size 29? What a jerk….lol

  4. This is starting to become a difficult decision. Still looking forward to the review.

    1. Same here – I was sold on the G S III then saw a Note, found out Note 2 is being released a week before my Sprint Upgrade – but then found out about the G S IV coming out in Feb…. Arrrrggggg – it’s mad!

  5. Thank you so much!

    1. Oh your welcome, I just hope your happy as I and that the wind of a 572 pours past thy heels.

  6. Matt Robertson Thursday, October 4, 2012

    About the update…… you might have to set up Samsung Kies and hard update it with a computer sync. I had to with my 7.0 Plus to get the 4.0. Other than that the Note2 looks just like my &.0 Plus just 2in smaller. I now want that to be a replacement for my Droid Charge.

  7. Great phone. Nice video. :)
    Where can I order an International version?

  8. I hear a lot about the Note 2, but the one thing that I don’t hear about the Verizon version is if it will include global support. Hoping to get an answer.

  9. anthonyvenable110 Thursday, October 4, 2012

    good grief now that is a phone!!

  10. Like to see Note 2 Windows 8. think Samsung may have that under my Xmas tree.

  11. Thanks for the quick overview Kevin, looking forward to the review…my next upgrade is early spring!

  12. Enjoyed your take on the Note 2. This or the Galaxy 3 will most likely end being my first smart phone.

  13. I’m looking forward to using the Note 2 as my only device. I have a EVO 4G and a Asus Transformer tablet. Hoping to use the Note 2 exclusively.

    Samsung: TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!!

  14. Very good & interesting review!! I really like the presentation, consumer-friendly, not too technical. I am going to order my galaxy note II grey color online and needed some first-hand information.

  15. Which web site did u go to buy the international version? Singapore have lte version but i not intertested

    1. I ordered from Handtec’s site in the UK.

  16. Excellent review! Thank you, very helpful towards making a decision…

  17. note 2 is a magic thing .

  18. Great demo, a little slow to the sexy stuff. Want a video director to go to the next level? I’ve got talent & vision!

  19. That was a great review. I found it to be better than any other I have seen online. Think I’ll order one tomorrow if I can.

  20. Thanks for the TMI. I am also concerned about the size. What’s big is also relative. Appreciate the review!

    1. I agree, I was also wondering how it fit in a pants pocket. Thanks Kevin.

  21. Thank you. Best informative video I’ve seen.

  22. Does it do text messaging?

  23. thank you it was very helpful i was going to get the iphone5 but now im def. getting the galaxy note

  24. The Galaxy Note 2 is ginormous – and very heavy. I wanted it (on At&T, 4GLTE) here for my San Francisco graphics work to jot down visual ideas but when I felt its weight I knew it would end up on the floor quite often. Weight, battery life: still elusive to the manufacturers.

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