Newvem, which already kept taps on Amazon EC2 instances, is now adding S3 storage to the services it monitors and analyzes for customers. The goal is to help them pick the right storage tier for their different data sets, Newvem president Zev Laderman said.


Newvem, the feisty Israeli startup that is obsessed with evaluating customers’ use of Amazon’s cloud resources is adding Amazon’s S3 storage monitoring to the mix.

To date, Newvem’s service looked at people’s use of Amazon’s EC2 compute resources. One tool, for example, tells users when their loads should be moved to Amazon reserved instances and how much they would save by doing so.

Amazon offers different tiers of its services at different price points. Newvem clearly sees an opportunity in helping customers pick the most cost-efficient tier for their compute loads, and now for storage as well.

As Amazon rolls out more cloud services, like its Glacier archiving capabilities, customers need help deciding where their different data sets should be stored most effectively, said Newvem CEO Zev Laderman.  “Our analytics show what files or objects are of high use and need to be available [fast] and what is of lower use and can be stored cheaper.”

Little-used, older data can be stored much less expensively in Glacier than in S3, he said.

Newvem is one of several companies that aim to give customers a fuller, more detailed look of what, exactly, is going on in their cloud. While Newvem focuses on Amazon exclusively, other entries like UptimeCloud, Cloudyn, and Cloudability work across clouds.

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