YouTube for iPad: Here’s a great alternative app for iOS6

jasmine 3 youtube app featured

It’s been a few days since Apple started to make iOS 6 available to the general public, and the absence of any kind of YouTube app has caught many iPad users by surprise. Sure, Google launched its very own YouTube app for iOS almost two weeks ago – but that app is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch, and simply doesn’t look right on an iPad display. And yes, you can also access YouTube’s mobile site – but to be honest, the experience isn’t quite the same. So what should a iPad owner do?

The answer is quite simple: Install the free Jasmine app. That’s a YouTube app made by the same independent developer who also created the iOS Reddit app Alien Blue, Jason Morrissey, who created the app for and named it after his daughter. And the app doesn’t just feature a very nice, clean and minimal design, it also comes with almost everything you’d expect from a YouTube app, including:

  • Access to featured and trending videos as well as YouTube’s topical channels
  • Access to your favorites, playlists and subscriptions
  • The ability to share videos via Twitter, email and through your iPad’s clipboard
  • The display of comments, as well as the ability to add your own comments to a video
  • A night mode with a dark background
  • Parental controls for users who purchase the Pro version
  • Airplay

This app is already so much better than Apple’s old YouTube app that came with iOS pre-installed, and it’s actually raising the bar for Google’s upcoming YouTube iPad app. Sure, it’s missing a few features, including easy sharing with Facebook and Google+, but most of the people who are currently looking for a YouTube app alternative should be more than happy with Jasmine.

Check out a few screenshots of the app below:


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