This week’s episode is live from our Mobilize Conference where we talk big mobile ideas ranging from talking to data to connected health to the dangers of an overly connected automobile. Kevin Fitchard, Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel join in the fun.


GigaOm Mobilize logoMobile EKGs! Hi-def videos piped to your car! Calling people and not numbers! We’re at the GigaOM Mobilize conference in San Francisco for this week’s episode of The Commutist. Stacey Higginbotham, Kevin Tofel and Kevin Fitchard gather ’round for a chat about the mobile industry’s past, present and very cool future.




Host: Chris Albrecht

0:00:50 – 0:02:45 – A quick look back at different predictions and topics covered at previous Mobilize conferences.

0:02:45 – 0:04:39 – Size matters (with screens)

0:04:40 – 0:06:09 – Mobile-first world?

0:06:10 – 0:10:22 – Spectrum crisis! Fewer app requests! Sony games on mobile! The hazards of apps in cars!

0:10:23 – 0:12:46 – Mobile first vs. data first and interoperability.

0:12:47 – 0:14:58 – Apple’s influence.

0:14:59 – 0:16:12 – The Mobile 15.

0:16:13 – 0:18:20 – The role of the carriers.

0:18:21 – 0:21:29 – Voice: the invisible interface.

0:21:30 – 0:25:30 – Calling phone numbers vs. calling people: when talking sucks.

0:25:31 – 0:29:00 Mobile stuff you should know: mobile IVF, do not disturb across devices, MVNO.


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