YouTube still the king of online video (charts)

Credit: YouTube

As far as online video goes, Google is still the one to watch. The company, which owes its video popularity almost entirely to its independent subsidiary YouTube, maintained its lead as the U.S. video property with both the most unique monthly viewers as well as the most engaged viewers, according to data released today by comScore.

Youtube’s viewers on average watched 443 minutes of content, nearly eight times the engagement of video sites for runner up Yahoo. There were no big surprises but a few changes:¬†Grab Media, Inc. entered into the top 10 video sites in viewership, bumping off Turner Digital.¬†Facebook dropped both in unique viewers and in minutes viewed, matching No. 10 Amazon with 16 minutes per viewer.

Rani Molla/GigaOM

Rani Molla/GigaOM

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