Building data startups Honest Buildings and Lucid Design Group are teaming up to put the real time energy data of thousands of commercial and government buildings online.

Lucid Buildings Dashboard_Constellation Energy_750 East Pratt Street_Baltimore_MD-1 copy

Two startups with tools that can unleash the hidden data within buildings have teamed up around real time energy data. Lucid Design Group, which installs energy dashboards and wireless sensor systems for buildings, has integrated its customers’ real time energy data into Honest Building‘s site that aggregates data about the energy use and green characteristics of buildings.

Essentially, the bulk of Lucid Design Group’s building customers (2,000 of ‘em) — like Brown University, Turner Construction and the city of Bloomington, Indiana — will be displaying their real time energy data on Honest Building’s site. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see the energy use of DPR Construction’s office building in San Diego by 15 minute intervals, broken down by appliance, and compared to national and local averages.

Honest Buildings has created a site that pulls in data about energy use and green characteristics of buildings from a variety of sources including data from the building owners, green building technology service providers and public databases. The Honest Buildings team displays all this data for free online, and hopes to promote transparency and some friendly competition between building managers by exposing this data (they also have a subscription premium service).

Real time energy data could add a level of granular data that the Honest Building’s site previously didn’t have. As the two companies explained to me in a phone interview this week, a lot of the publicly-available data about building energy use is annual, which doesn’t paint too accurate a picture of what it’s like to rent space or live in the building. But real-time energy data allows building managers or potential tenants of the buildings to get a much better sense of the costs and energy usage of the buildings.

Honest Buildings earlier this month raised its first round of venture funding led by RockPort Capital and Mohr Davidow Ventures. Previously the company, which is about a year old, raised an angel round from Spring Ventures; Jason Scott, managing partner at EKO Asset Management Partners; and Lisa Gansky, author of The Mesh. Lucid Design Group, founded in 2004, has raised $1.5 million led by Dry Creek Ventures.

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    Business model and partnership based on the importance of transparency in improving energy efficiency. What are your thoughts? Will people be able to digest and act upon publicly available real time data?

  2. This is great. Love the graphics ….useful for a quick snapshot.

  3. I think the Georgia Power/Southern Company solar dashboard is a great use of the dashboard – http://buildingdashboard.com/clients/southernco/

  4. This is cool! Would be nice to see an s analysis of how this effects “traditional” companies like OSIsoft

  5. This is a great move, I’ve been waiting to see Honest Buildings team up with a company on the energy monitoring side. I’m a bit disappointed though. Lucid’s popularity makes sense to me to a point, but when are people going to begin to look for the solution? Lucid monitors energy consumption, it’s a dashboarding software with neat graphics…but that’s it. They’re stating the problem without suggesting a solution. Yes, they provide a space for communication and competitions, but they do not provide real strategy to reduce energy consumption. We need to stop settling for energy monitoring and start demanding actionable plans based on energy information.

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