New Motorola Razr i: Intel Inside and 20 hours of battery life

Motorola Razr i with Intel Inside

In a new attempt to crack the smartphone market, Intel is powering the latest Motorola phone that runs Google Android 4.0. At a press event in London on Tuesday, the two companies unveiled the Motorola Razr i, a carbon copy of the Razr M announced earlier this month with one key exception: Qualcomm’s 1.5 GHz dual core chip is replaced by a 2 GHz Intel Atom.

This isn’t the first mass-market smartphone with Intel’s silicon inside, but it is one of the first that’s been designed by a major manufacturer. Earlier Intel phones this year were largely influenced by Intel’s own reference design: An in-house created phone that gives handset makers a base model to work with. The new Razr i looks exactly like Motorola’s Razr M, complete with 4.3-inch edge-to-edge display.

With a faster clock speed of 2 GHz and the Intel history of computing performance, the promotional video highlights the overall speed of the device, as well as full compatibility with Google’s Android platform:


Motorola Razr i with Intel InsideChip performance hasn’t been the reason that Intel isn’t a factor in today’s smartphones, however. In fact, I suspect performance of the Razr i will be quite good; better in particular areas than it’s Razr M twin. Instead, the Achilles heel for Intel’s smartphone silicon has been power consumption and it may have overcome that challenge. Motorola’s battery life estimate for the Razr i is the same as the M: 40 percent more than Apple’s iPhone 4S with up to 20 hours of mixed use on a single charge.

Motorola is targeting Europe and Latin America with the new Intel-powered phone with October availability in┬áthe U.K., France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to start. If the phone’s battery life is as good as claimed and has full Android compatibility, Intel has a solid chance to make some headway in mobile market; something that appeared impossible back in 2010.


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