Barclaycard US is the newest card in your Google Wallet


U.S. consumers with a Barclaycard have another payment option in their Google Wallet account. On Thursday, the Wilmington, Del., financial institution announced it would enable its cards for Google’s mobile payment system that lets purchasers pay with their NFC-enabled smartphone at 200,000 retail locations. Barclaycard US co-brands its credit cards with specific retailers and says that L.L.Bean and US Airways will the first audience gaining Google Wallet support.

This news shows that not even the credit card companies have figured out yet which mobile payment standard will eventually be adopted. Like other major card providers such as MasterCard and Visa, Barclaycard is supporting both Google Wallet and Isis, which is a payment system created by Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile. Barclaycard announced Isis support this past February, alongside Chase and Capitol One.

Of course, neither wireless payments system, which use near-field communications chips, is a guaranteed winner. The lack of an NFC chip in Apple’s new iPhone 5 suggests that mainstream consumers may opt for app-specific payments — such as that found in the Starbucks app — or through Apple’s new Passport app in iOS 6, which currently supports digital coupons and loyalty cards.

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