Barnes & Noble’s first overseas retailer for its Nook e-reader will be the respected UK department store John Lewis. But shoppers won’t find Nook Color nor Nook Tablet on British shelves yet.

NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight_Angled
photo: Barnes & Noble

When Barnes & Noble finally confirmed a UK launch for its Nook e-reader last week, paidContent suggested the John Lewis department store would be one retail chain to offer the device. Today, that’s exactly what B&N is announcing

Announcements of retailers carrying electronics gadgets are nothing new. The salient points are…

  • This isn’t an exclusive for Nook – John Lewis will go on selling other e-readers.
  • And it isn’t an exclusive for John Lewis – it sounds like Nook will be sold elsewhere, too.
  • There is no mention of the store selling Nook Tablet or Nook Color, just its Simple Touch e-ink readers with and without GlowLight.

After all, which brand like B&N would want to commit to a solitary retail channel if it could help it?

John Lewis has 37 well-regarded department stores, and an increasingly high-trafficked e-commerce website. The store has become a respected home electronics brand.

This is a good deal for Nook’s first foray outside the States. But many will watch for the arrival of its complete product line-up later.

Leading UK book retailer Waterstones is selling Amazon’s Kindle. WH Smith is amongst those selling Kobo.

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