I was going to include these posts in next week’s Om Says newsletter, but who wants to wait till then? I would say read these posts before you call it a Sunday. They aren’t exactly news, but that is why they are worth reading!

  • The fall of Angry Birds — Trey Smith, a San Diego, CA-based game developer crunches the numbers on Angry Birds, and offers up an explanation to why it has fallen in the app store ranking. He argues that mobile gaming is becoming all about “free to play.”
  • Telcos and their subscription myopia: Dean Bubley argues that telcos are so addicted to the concept of subscription that they can’t really think beyond it.
  • The Portuguese technology exodus: Tao of Mac’s Rui Carmo bemoans about the quiet exodus of technology people from Portugal, which apparently is a great place to have a startup. I am thinking about visiting Porto, by the way. I hear they have startups there!
  • The Acqua-hire disease, startups and failure was the “big blog debate” this weekend. Three different takes from Nick O’NeillSarah Lacy and Michael Arrington and all make valid and interesting points.

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