Reports say the Apple-Samsung verdict is in. The case has large implications for the smartphone and mobile industry. We will be reporting shortly on whether the jury finds either side infringed the other’s intellectual property.

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The jury has reached a verdict in the “trial of the century” between Apple and Samsung.

Final update: Apple won a clean sweep. See the following for details:

Update 1: Reports say that several Samsung devices violate Apple’s 381 “bounce-back patent.” However, the question of invalidity is still to be determined.

Initial reports suggest Apple is cleaning up. But we have yet to learn whether the jury will also find the patents invalid — if so, the infringement doesn’t matter.

Most court watchers predicted the ruling would not come until next week because of the case’s complexity. We will update as more information comes in.

Here’s what will happen in the weeks after the verdict come in:

  • Apple and Samsung will almost certainly ask Judge Lucy Koh for a “judgment notwithstanding verdict” — basically asking her to replace parts of the jury’s ruling with her own.
  • After this process is over, Judge Koh will enter the final verdict. When this occurs, the parties can then appeal the ruling to the U.S. Circuit Court for the Federal Circuit (the patent appeals court in Washington, D.C.).
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  3. It is funny that Apple has won this when Late Mr. Job once said in his interview something like this, ” good artist can copy well, an Excellent artist can steal well.” I am so furious at the point that in a corporate world every one is thefe but one got caught.


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