Summary: has been cashing in on its premium broadcasting services, which allow customers to stream live video without ads: The live streaming site announced Wednesday that revenue from this line of products grew 290 percent year-over-year. And increasingly, those streams are viewed on mobile devices.

Brad Hunstable shows off Ustream's Honeycomb app

Every fifth video view on the live streaming site comes from a mobile device, and the company is increasingly monetizing its premium streaming tiers. Those are two key data points shared by Ustream as part of a number of personnel announcements.

Ustream officially announced a few days ago that it has hired David Thompson, who previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Webex, as its new SVP of marketing, and Thompson told me during a phone conversation last week that Ustream has seen the number broadcasters who pay for the site’s Pro Broadcasting services increase by 170 percent from June 2011 to June 2012.

Subscriber revenue grew 290 percent during that time, the company announced Wednesday, and pay-per-view subscription revenue has increased 300 percent.

Ustream also announced Wednesday that company co-founder Brad Hunstable has been named permanent CEO. Hunstable jumped in as interim CEO after his co-founder Jon Ham left in November to launch a new startup.

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