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More data suggests these were the “mobile games”. London 2012’s organising committee says most digital engagement was via mobile devices, as it closes the lid on the Olympics with an end-of-games stats dump.

Olympic rings and torch
photo: London 2012, LOCOG

Now that the Olympic Games is over, Alex Balfour, the Cricinfo co-founder who has spent the last six years as head of London 2012 new media, has compiled these slideshow stats summarising engagement through with the local organising committee’s 77 digital products.

We have already reported strong mobile figures from the BBC (a third of web visits, a tenth of video streams) and NBC (16 percent of web users, 45 percent of video requests).

But Balfour’s stats show even higher mobile engagement – 60 percent of visits to the official London2012.com site and apps came from mobile devices.

That ratio is so high partly because the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) had several apps in circulation! As well as the London2012.com websites. But mobile web in isolation took over half of weekend web traffic.

In all, the London2012.com site clocked about three times more users than the BBC Sport effort.

Read on for more official end-of-games data on how London 2012 fared with social media, location-based engagement, email marketing and more…

  1. I am sure Akamai would have played a humoungoud role in it!


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