No surprise, SkyDrive in its newest incarnation is starting to look an awful lot like Windows 8. Also new, an Android app joins existing Windows Phone and iPhone versions. Microsoft SkyDrive competes with Apple iCloud and Google Drive for consumers’ digital content.


Making good on promises to make its SkyDrive cloud storage service ecumenical across clients, Microsoft has added a new Android app. It also updated user interface to mimic the “tiled” look of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. The company announced the SkyDrive facelift, which will take place over the next 24 hours, on its Windows Team blog.

Here’s how Chris Jones, VP of Microsoft’s Windows Live Group listed the new features:

  • Skydrive.com — Modern design for desktop and tablet browsers with instant search, contextual toolbar, thumbnail multi-select, drag-and-drop organization, and HTML5 sorting
  • SkyDrive for Windows desktop & OS X — Faster uploads for people around the world and tons of bug and performance improvements under the hood
  • SkyDrive for Android — A new app that lets you access, upload and share from Android phones
  • SkyDrive for developers –- Apps built using our SkyDrive API can now store or access any type of file in a person’s SkyDrive, plus there’s a new, easy-to-use file picker API for websites (similar to our file picker for Windows 8 apps)

Microsoft is pitching SkyDrive as a cloud for all devices to compete with iCloud and Google Drive. It released Windows Phone and iPhone apps last December. Apple’s iCloud doesn’t support non-iOS mobile devices, although some iCloud objects can be accessed from any device.

All of these tech powers hope they can lure users outside their current installed base with free or near-free cloud-based storage services, and then, perhaps hook them on other services or products.

As we’ve reported before, Microsoft is supporting non-Windows devices and clients with many of its cloud services, including its Azure platform-as-a-service. At the same time the company is yoking SkyDrive tightly to Office, Yammer, Skype and other products on its roster.

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  1. I actually like the new design of SkyDrive, good job Microsoft!

  2. I reserved my 25GB account when the service changed, but the single file upload limit is still too small for my to use it. I want to upload a 375MB TrueCrypt container but it is rejected. I can upload and store that container on competing services, and currently am using DropBox to do it, but would prefer to store it on SkyDrive.

    1. You can upload files up to 2GB if you use SkyDrive for Windows or Mac. (the web limit is 300MB currently)

      1. Thanks, I’ll look into that – I have a couple of linux dual boots but could manage the TC container from Windows – it’s only for storage and is clogging up my DropBox.

  3. When I try to create an account I keep getting the message: We were unable to send you an email. Try again later.
    any suggestions? I’ve been trying for 6 + hours

    1. Leslie, i hope you got it to work. I was able to get set up pretty fast (and i’m on a mac)

  4. I use skydrive mostly for managing office apps while on the go/road. Does the Android App support the “edit in browser” feature, or something equivalent?

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