The average shared Spotify playlist contains a whopping 170 songs, according to new data released by Sharemyplaylists.com Monday. ShareMyPlaylists has been used to share more than 100,000 Spotify playlists to date, with 15,000 playlists being shared through the site each and every day.


If you’re anything like me, you probably spent a good time of your youth compiling mixtapes. 90 minutes of music for friends and special someones, with clever intros and perfectly timed breaks for that inevitable moment of interruption after 45 minutes. Today, those restraints don’t exist, with digital music services like Spotify offering the ability to compile playlists that could theoretically go on forever.

Turns out, in many cases they do – or at least for a very long time: The average share Spotify playlist contains a whopping 170 songs, according to new data released by ShareMyPlaylists.com.

The site announced Monday that its users have shared a total of 100,000 Spotify playlists since its launch three years ago, with 200 new playlists being added each and every day. In addition to that, ShareMyPlaylists.com helped to compile more than 1.5 million playlists through its playlist generator. And more than 15,000 playlists are shared through the site and its apps each and every day.

ShareMyPlaylist.com is another example for a company that has been able to carve out its niche as part of the Spotify ecosystem. Two months ago, social music listening service Soundrop became the first Spotify app to raise significant funding, with Northzone investing $3 million in the Oslo-based company.

  1. i’d be very surprised if this data held true across the general Spotify population. One would assume that the sample of folks using this Playlist App are more enthusiastic curators than the average user.

    1. Ryan Jarrett Monday, August 6, 2012

      Yes, the fact that it takes effort to log in, create a description, upload a cover and submit means that there is a natural barrier stopping casual users adding their lists to SMP. I imagine there are a large number of playlists on Spotify from less interested users that contain less than 10 songs. I guess that is one of the strengths of SMP – a greater chance (but certainly no guarantee) of a certain level of quality of its playlists.

    2. In a way, that’s very much like old-fashioned mixtapes as well. People would record countless records, radio shows etc. on tape. But only a few of those tapes were used for curated experiences…

    3. Most of the playlists I have seen are albums. I think people are finding it more convenient to bookmark an artist+album by making a playlist than by using favorites. This is because the UI makes access to the album more upfront and convenient than sorting through favorites.

      1. sorry, I replied while logged in under my project’s twitter account instead of personal :-\


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