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Mat Honan’s “epic hacking” isn’t just a cautionary tale for everyday folks, it’s a good lesson for startup founders as well. In this video interview, OpenDNS CEO, David Ulevitch explains why good security practices need to be baked into the company from the beginning.


Wired writer, Mat Honan, was the victim of an “epic hacking” over the weekend. Our hearts go out to him and I’ll knock on any available chunk of wood to never experience the same thing. Given that Honan’s hack started with some social engineering on a customer service rep, we thought it was a good idea to show this additional footage from a recent interview with did with OpenDNS‘ CEO, David Ulevitch. In it, Ulevitch warns of social engineering and advises startups to bake security into their products from the ground up. This is especially important as more people bring their own devices to work and use cloud services.

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  1. David Ulevitch Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    Not particularly articulate, but eerily prescient. :-)

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