It’s here! Samsung’s Galaxy Note has arrived for those wanting a T-Mobile version and it looks to be worth the wait. This video look shows Android 4.0.4, the S-Pen and an overall size comparison between the Note, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 tablet.

Galaxy Note

After months of rumors, leaks and hopes, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note is finally here. The phone will cost $249.99 after $50 mail-in rebate and with qualifying two-year contract, although you can buy it outright ($599) or on a monthly payment plan.

Overall, the phone is very similar to AT&T’s version although it doesn’t support LTE. Instead, the Galaxy Note works on T-Mobile’s 42 Mbps HSPA+ network, which works well enough in areas that T-Mobile has enhanced network coverage.

My first look at the phone shows that you don’t have to wait for Android 4.0, which AT&T Galaxy Note owners had to. Samsung already integrated Android 4.0.4 with its TouchWiz software, including advanced support for the  S-Pen stylus. I also give you a size comparison to the two devices that the Note “fits” in-between: The Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet.

Overall, my early impressions of this phone are solid in terms of performance and battery life. If you’re a T-Mobile customers pining for the Note — one of the 77 percent that prefer a large device — this is likely worth the wait.

  1. I love my Note. :-)

    1. I love mine too!

  2. Ocelots_r_awesome Monday, July 30, 2012

    Looks really cool but T-mobile took to long to release it. I wouldn’t pay $200+ for a snapdragon s3 today when the S4 is available. I have a htc sensation and the s3 makes it a little uncomfortable to hold at times.

  3. Does this mean T-Mo is going to be getting the Note just as ATT is getting the Note 2? Why is Samsung giving exclusivity to a carrier that does not offer unbundled phones and service?

    1. A Galaxy Note II could be in the near future for AT&T (and international markets, of course) so your point on timing makes sense. But there’s no guarantee that T-Mo would get a Note II at the same time. And if folks wanted a Note II badly, I’m thinking they’d switch to AT&T to get it or do what they did this time around: Wait for T-Mobile again. ;) As far as your second question: Money would be my answer; that and potential audience, which is nearly 3x more for AT&T than for T-Mobile and it’s relatively unique HSPA+ frequency bands.

      1. Kevin, I’d be willing to bet that ATT isn’t paying Samsung any extra for the exclusivity (they basically locked T-Mo out of the Note until the Note II was ready), but rather they told them they would only sell the Note if they had exclusivity. Which I think is illegal, and if it isn’t, should be, especially for devices sold to work on the almost-monopoly airwaves that the government licensing system has granted ATT. It’s bad enough that bundling is allowed by the DoJ and FCC, but a carrier shouldn’t be allowed to block consumers from using a device on another network; the deal between Samsung and ATT does just that.

        T-Mobile should file an anti-trust complaint with the FTC and DoJ, but probably wont because they are afraid of retaliation by Samsung. Samsung should quietly encourage T-Mo to do just that, because ATT is reducing the sales of the Galaxy Note by not letting Samsung sell it to users on T-Mo. you know that there is little in the way of technical obstacles to keep the Note from running on both networks; it’s an abusive power play by ATT that keeps it out of the hands of people who refuse to sign a deal with them.

  4. You used to use the Galaxy Nexus with just the data SIM from your old Galaxy Tab. Can you do the same with the Galaxy Note? If I can put Jelly Bean on it and just use my data SIM, I might get one.

    1. I don’t see why you couldn’t use a data-only SIM with any Android phone, TBH. You’ll just need to configure something for VoIP if you want voice calling.

      1. I ask because it wouldn’t work in my Sensation 4G and wonder if it’s because T-mobile locks out IMEI numbers of in network phones.

        1. Ah, that could be the case. Since I don’t buy phones from carriers, I couldn’t say. You might be better off with an international version in that case…

  5. does thIs meant that galaxY N0te cAn be sold much cheaper?. i just bought galaxY NOTE last m0nth, worth 600 bucks, im n0t froM U.s btw, cAn anyONE clear thIs thIng for me, i really apPriciate it,

  6. Love my note too. Great when you ad a flygrip to it. Makes it usable with one hand.

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