Are unhappy Dish subscribers turning to iTunes, where Breaking Bad is the No. 1 TV download? Indeed, Dish has dropped a major channel with an Emmy-winning hit, and it’s gotten away with it. Why the pay TV business may never be the same.

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Can a major pay TV service really just drop a somewhat major channel that’s currently running a widely anticipated, Emmy-winning series and get away with it?

Nearly four weeks after blacking out AMC Networks channels — and popular adult drama Breaking Bad along with them– Dish Network has seemingly done just that. And this could have broad implications in the pay TV business, where programmers have typically held most of the leverage when negotiating new affiliate agreements.

Asked Friday if a revolt among Dish’s 14 million subscribers has inspired the company to work with AMC on a new affiliate agreement and restore its channels, a spokesman for the satellite company said there was no update to the impasse.

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“Are you hearing anything,” he asked?

Strangely, I had to respond, “No.”

If the on-air and online campaign launched by AMC to steer Dish subscribers to other pay TV services is gaining traction, AMC sure isn’t beating its chest about it. An AMC representative on Friday told us grassroots subscriber revolts take time to gestate.

I also made an inquiry into the Dish sales department. A Dish rep told me there’s no timeline for AMC, WE TV and IFC returning to the service’s channel lineup any time soon. “Those channels are gone,” he told me.

Contrast that with the DirecTV/Viacom licensing dispute earlier this month — even as the corporate rhetoric raged on both sides, DirecTV sales reps kept assuring customers that a deal to restore channels including Nickelodeon and MTV was “imminent.”

Meanwhile, a perusal of the sales charts for Apple’s iTunes store shows that the most popular TV download is the most recent episode of Breaking Bad, titled “Madrigal.” This could be seen as lending credence to Dish’s negotiating position all along — that it has no reason to increase the program licensing fee it pays AMC, because its subscribers have so many other ways to access AMC shows. (New Breaking Bad episodes are also available through Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix has seasons 1-4 of the show exclusively.)

The AMC rep we spoke, however, said the network’s shows are always highly ranked on iTunes when they’re in season.

As for AMC’s linear TV ratings — and by extension, its ad sales — losing access to Dish’s nearly 14 million homes has undoubtedly rendered a hit. Last Sunday, ratings for the “Madrigal” episode were down 21 percent from the prior week’s fifth-season-premiere, with only 2.3 million viewers tuning into the initial run of Breaking Bad.

PR-wise, there appears to be little pressure on Dish. Summarizing the dispute for its online and mobile audience on July 3, ABC News lauded Dish for not saddling its subscribers with increased program licensing costs, titling its story, “Why Dish dropping AMC might be good for consumers.”

Asked whether he thinks AMC channels will ever return to Dish, Bernstein Research senior analyst Craig Moffett backed up AMC’s assertion that this impasse all ties into an unrelated legal dispute pitting Dish against AMC and its former parent company,  Cablevision.

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Set to go to trial in September, Dish finds itself short on leverage in the $2.5 billion dispute, which stems from its decision to drop now-defunct channel Voom HD in 2008.

When a settlement does occur, Moffett contends, the restoration of AMC’s channels will likely be part of the agreement.

In the meantime, Dish doesn’t appear to be breaking a sweat … and while no subscriber data is available beyond June 30, the day AMC channels were yanked, it appears to have found its leverage.

  1. There is revolt, but no one talks about it. I followed Breaking Bad from day one and dropped Dish as a result of the AMC/IFC channel droppage. I know two others personally who did the same.

    If you do not have the top rated package, Dish lets you go (you can google how many customer Dish can lose can actually gain profit with the deal), so it’s got nothing to do with the customer. That’s why I dropped dish. Twice in 30 months they took channels away and only increase fees. The state they didn’t increase package premiums, but fees have gone up almost 200% in the last 18 months, so an increase is still an increase.

    There is a revolt. Dish minimizes it, and the only real loser, as always, is the consumer.

    1. Well if AMC wouldn’t hike their rates to an unnegotiable amount, dish would probly keep them in the lineup, as the consumer I don’t want to pay more because of a network wanting to make millions more per year on a select few shows, dish only wants AMC anyways, not IFC or we, but AMC is forcing the sale of all three

      1. Dish can’t keep our cost low if every network with a hit show keeps jacking up the prices. Dish is just an outlet for networks to sell ad time. AMC is charging Dish more for providing 14mill+ viewers, it makes no sense. The consumer already pays twice for TV shows, one with our provider and 2nd is with the commercials we watch. It is ultimately AMCs doing. How it should work is AMC pays Dish, and AMC charges advertisers more and TV is free for consumers (just like radio or broadcast TV).

    2. Despite your anecdotal tale, in reality, there is no evidence of any customer revolt from Dish network. Perhaps this will happen at some future date, but there is little evidence to suggest that it has already occurred.

      1. Bull, Just take a look at their facebook wall. There is not a positive comment on there since they dropped AMC!

    3. I agree with the assessment. A lot of consumers, possibly the kind that AMC attracts, may not be ones to go on the road, but the churn numbers of Dish Network may yet tell a very different story. Even though Dish Network has a valid point of view; the exclusivity value of content does go down as it becomes exclusively available on multiple platforms and may not command premium at one platform. Anyways, this is still quite early to call and we will figure out the pros and cons of this decision (for both Dish and AMC) only in time (guess 3-6 months should be enough).

  2. Gen-X Bohemian Friday, July 27, 2012

    Joe C,

    I am not sure what you are talking about. I have had Dish for 5 years about and have not had an increase that I recall except when I upgraded packages.

    I side with Dish because the AMC show I watch I can watch anywhere. If it weren’t for that show, I’d never watch AMC and IFC sucked anyway.

  3. I have Dish and am a loyal fan of AMC programming. All I did is buy a Season Pass on Amazon streaming and , problem solved!! Better picture quality and no commercials, only diff is I have to wait until Monday to watch it!

    AMC is the one losing out here.

    Dish revolt? Meh!

    1. yeah, but you still had to buy the season pass…so that kinda blows, eh?

    2. In theory, a possibility (though not better quality — Dish broadcasts in higher bitrates than Amazon). But here’s the problem: if I had access to decent cable or FiOS, for the internet connection needed, I wouldn’t have Dish in the first place. Where I live (rural South Jersey… not exactly Kansas or Iowa, though there is lots of corn) there’s no wired internet. I get 550MB per day on HugesNet, at 1.5Mb/s, before the Fair Access Policy kicks in. A single 45 minute HD stream at 3.5Mb/s is going to run 1.2GB, over twice my daily allotment, and way too fast for streaming to home anyway.

      For those with good internet connections, though, this does point to the future. With a faster network connection, I could realistically dump Dish or any other cable system and just call up what I want online, some paid, some free (legally speaking). Dish is one of those companies hastening that even… and this month, I’m looking into DirecTV as a replacement. Of course, they have their own channel disputes, but I’m gonna be needing my Zombies this fall.

  4. I wanted to address this revolt it exists but it’s intelctualy dishonest. All pay t.v. Services have there own fees for services, equipment and extras like HBO sports packaging ect. What we are looking at is the consumers sense of entitlement. It’s a paid service you get what you pay for. Granted if your not happy with your service change but remember all providers go through the same thing weigh the value vs the bells and whistles if you never watch HBO then does it make sense to switch because you get it for free? If you only watch a network for one show does it make sense to cancel that service or find it somewhere else ? The point is if you don’t like what you getting change, but you pay for it make the smart choice not the one that might cost more down the road. Remember when the company has to pay more for the programming they provide, the customer will pay more as well.

  5. Yes there is a revolt .Dropping AMC/IFC big mistake on their part. They have filled in programs with shopping channels. The comsumers are tired of being screwed

    1. Believe me they haven’t added more shopping channels. I get sick of people talking about oh they took this away, and that now I’m getting taken advantage of. If you want to end up paying out the wah zoo for tv then go ahead and switch to something else. Last year directv said their fees increased 10% but only past along 4% to the customer. Tell me, how long can they continue to do that? Dish seems to be the only pay tv provider that stands up to the programmers and negotiates to keep prices lower. Yes they have raised an optional protection plan fee and starting with the 3rd room and their after each room is $7 but they still beat Directv on price and offer HD free for life. Ask anyone at directv if they can give that HD for free for life? Believe me I’ve been down this road. $10 a month savings on dish over directv. And another thing. If AMC is giving it to Amazon and others for basically nothing then why should dish pay anything for it? God knows they play enough commercials in one show to cover most cost.

      1. When Dish dropped AMC why didnt my bill go down?

  6. you should follow Dish’s page on Facebook – every time there is an update, the comments are flooded by angry subscribers. Perhaps the true test will come when Walking Dead returns.
    How does paid viewership of AMC programming on Amazon et al give Dish leverage? It just shows that many of us will pay for quality that Dish won’t provide – given enough time, we’ll leave Dish altogether.

  7. The reason you don’t hear about the revolt is Dish Network subscribers are under contract. I cant spend $300 to drop them, but I would love too. AMC is one of my favorite networks so you better believe when my contract is up I am gone.

    1. I’m in the same boat Tim. I’m under contract for another 19 months with Dish. I’ll get Direct tv when it’s up….

      1. Me too, Dish sux. nothing but QVC and “Got Pee”, kardashians, the programming is horrible. I’m out as soon as my CONTRACT is up. Also fight monthy for newly added charges. Dish is the biggest rip off out there!

        1. Same lame complaint programming programming is the same basic networks give or take a few your just yapping to yap

  8. I complained and kept saying “Direct”. Dish sent me a free Royku player and cable, told me to watch BB on Amazon and cut my bill by 15.00 a month. Since Direct doesn’t offer the European channels that Dish does why change?
    paul johnson

  9. I will drop Dish in October when my 2 year contract runs out.

  10. think about this your already paying dish for AMC when they dropped the channel did your bill go down in July?
    So now your paying amazon for a season pass plus your still paying dish the same money,nice way to fix a problem. so here is the real winner dish they don’t pay AMC but all there customers still pay them.

    1. Yes, I agree with Brian…I lost 3 great channels and got 2 crappy channels in place of them. If I want to watch AMC shows, I have to pay itunes or Amazon (or whomever) to watch them and I didn’t even get a PERMANENT decrease on my bill for the 3 channels I no longer get so in essence I am paying for them twice. Also, it sucks having to watch the shows the next day…it’s like watching the superbowl streamed. You don’t get to enjoy the new cool commercials that AMC plays during each episode nor can you tweet about anything or talk to anyone about the episode until the day after. Makes me feel ‘out of the loop’ so to speak. While I love Breaking Bad, I haven’t switched providers yet because I was waiting to see if the trial or settlement between Dish and VOOM somehow brings the channels back to Dish. Luckily, the trial starts in September (before Walking Dead premieres ) so hopefully we will know one way or the other if restoration of the channels will be part of the final legal agreement. One can hope!! :)

    2. Your bill is still cheaper than what it would be on directv. With everything going up in price these days you would think some of you would appreciate dish for charging you less money. The BP gas station isn’t helping and neither is the grocery stores. They are the worst. I wish I had everyone’s money that is complaining about losing a second or third level tv channel. We are all going to need it to pay for the increase that ESPN is asking for. I heard it from someone who said it best,”ESPN is a national sports tax on Americans.”

  11. Yay for Dish. It’s about time someone took a stand against the programmer giants in defense of us poor tv viewers. I will be a Dish subscriber for life because I know Dish will always look out for the little viewer. Dish rules.

    1. This has very little to do with the customers best interest. You are simply no longer getting those channels because of an unrelated legal matter…not because Dish has your back…Read the article.

  12. I don’t like price increases. Dish has always been the best deal for the money. I just became a Dish customer and I intend to stick with them instead of jumping ship like a scarred rat. Dish won’t let the ship go down without a good fight. Dish has been lobbying for ala carte programming. Who else does that? If Dish gets charged more for programming it’s just common sense they must charge more to the customer and that’s something they don’t want to do. I say let’s give Dish support to battle it out and keep programming hikes in check. Dish is not backing down so why should I. Dish has my support for trying to keep programming reasonable. I never heard Direct battling like Dish does and I was an unsatisfied customer for years til I switched to Dish. People need to open there eyes and look at this in HD not SD.

    1. I don’t understand how Dish is standing up for its customers, as Brian said, you’re still paying the same bill, just with less programming. Dish is collecting the same prices from its customers and is paying less out–I can’t figure out how that is looking out for the little people?

      Dish hasn’t negotiated with AMC at all, therefore they aren’t sticking to their proverbial guns. And I’m confused about the assertion that Dish is lobbying for a la carte programming, as I only know of them refusing to renew or negotiate with AMC; do you think the rest of your channels are not the result of bundling?? Surely it’s clear that they are!

      Unfortunately price increases happen to all non-new Dish customers, just as the price you pay for any service increases yearly. The only way Dish could keep from increasing rates, which again, is not their policy, would be to drop a bundle of channels every time a contract is up.

      It sounds like customers who don’t want AMC’s channels will find a good fit with Dish Network, but if you really believe this is about taking a stand and not about Dish’s animosity toward AMC in general, wouldn’t you be worried that channels you like will be the next to go? All TV providers who want to provide basic programming to their subscribers will argue over rates every time a contract expires, it’s just part of the business, but at least Direct and AT&T view keeping the programming available to their customers as the goal!

      I just don’t follow this logic whatsoever. The head of Dish is taking no cuts in pay, the cost of the programming has not been cut, and Dish’s shareholders receive increased revenue every time the company brings in more money and pays out less. This is the precise opposite of policies benefiting the regular/little person.

      1. Well it sounds like another Dish hater. Someone with a sense of entitlement for something you pay for. The loss of AMC. WE, and IFC is equivalent to having to take the two friends out to date the pretty girl. And the pretty girl ain’t that pretty. I understand the loss of original shows on AMC, but it’s only four hours and not every Dish customer has AMC in their package so why should joe blow pay more a month for his package to pay for the rate hike to make AMC happy? Bye the way Dish has not had a increase for programming since 2011 FYI and lets face it no one watches We or IFC so why pay more for something no one watches. To answer you point about pay cuts and rate decreces when was the last time you paid less for a service you get monthly? Your phone electric or water bill never goes down. The point is if your going to pay for t.v. Service don’t complain when rates go up or a channel is lost pay t.v. is a luxury not a nessesity look for the best value if you can’t afford it or you feel your not the best value cut bait and go over the air.

      2. Dish has had a history of hard-lining price increases, true. But this isn’t that — they dropped AMC without any price negotiations even starting. They’re trying to hard-line their mis-behavior. Dish bought out the old Voom HD satellite service, some years back. If you had Dish back then, and HD, you’ll probably recall there were Voom-specific HD channels: Monster Channel, Rave, various others, about twelve in all. As part of the purchase agreement with Rainbow Media (owners of Voom), Dish would keep Rainbow’s Voom HD channels on the air… but they were shut down in 2010. That’s the crux of the dispute between Dish and Rainbow’s parent company, Cablevision. Cablevision was looking for $2.5 billion in damages.

        Oh, yeah, that other thing… in 2011, Rainbow Media LLC became AMC Networks. That’s the tie in here: Dish dropped the AMC Networks channels as leverage against Cablevision. Not due to any price negotiations. Why play dirty? Because they already got caught playing dirty: the New York Supreme Court has already ruled that Dish destroyed evidence in the case. So they enter the trial, due to start September 18, at a significant disadvantage.

        I’m generally fine with Dish looking out for my best interests, when that’s really what they’re doing. That’s not the case here: they’re taking away channels I actually watch, mostly due to their own bad behavior (and I really did like Rave HD and Monsters HD).

      3. Directv and AT&T benefiting the regular/little person? I didn’t know the regular little person could afford those high prices? By the way has AT&T ever gotten Hallmark Channel? As someone stated earlier, if customer call dish and talk to them they are offering some compensation. I’ve heard it was giving customers a subscription to amazon and paying for the shows that the customers want.

  13. The only way for consumers to get a fair deal is for Dish Network and others to play hardball.Passing along the unreasonable cost is bad. I for one will stick with them as I have not had a price increase in allmost two years and is much lower than the competition. Chuck

    1. Don’t you read the article BEFORE commenting?? GEEZ!!

  14. redsonja1313 Monday, July 30, 2012

    I would drop–however I have a contract so it will cost me 400 to move service !! So sick of this bull shit–Direct isn’t much better–and I’m guessing when their contract is up with AMC they will follow suit in dropping too … If Dish and direct wish to drive me to excursively watching online content its working !!

  15. You can watch EVERYTHING on alternative websites. Do some research on google. To hell with DISH and the rest of them. I still have 6 mos to go on my contract but got them down to 25 a month while the contra ct runs out….

    1. I have to agree with you Maxi, this is the direction I’m heading in. Television is supposed to be, and is designed to be, a fun addiction of sorts. I honestly believe Dish has talked themselves out of a job because when you actually have to go elsewhere to watch something, you realize there’s no upside to keeping the service. And the fact that it’s becoming just part of satellite service to lose channels for a while now and then (and with Dish, to just lose them altogether), is perhaps just an unacceptable part of the way they do business.

      I don’t care for being characterized as a “Dish hater” simply because I don’t agree with a company deciding what is valuable programming for adult individuals. That is a step too far for any corporation. And I can’t help but see that while Dish claimed AMC’s channels were so unpopular that they weren’t worth keeping, having access to these channels required one of the highest-numbered channel packages (which subscribers paid extra for–but not those who didn’t want those channels). But yes, I guess I do have “a sense of entitlement” about services I pay for; I’m not sure why people pay for specific services if only to not receive them, that seems silly, and hardly a matter of an attitude of entitlement!

      I still see no savings for customers since Dish dropped AMC’s channels. I have heard nothing about rates going down now that those channels are gone. For some in the short term, Dish has dropped monthly rates or given credits, but those won’t last long, and at the end of the day, it’s still a backwards way of treating a customer base. As long as Dish’s customers who don’t watch AMC attack the customers who do Dish’s work is made that much easier. If you don’t see that an AMC-free channel line-up is still full of “having to take out two other girls to date the pretty girl” for every single other bundle of packages (like the 16 channels that make up Viacom’s few popular channels), then I suppose Dish looks really good. And Dish is counting on the majority of its customers to defend it because they don’t understand the way that they do business–and that AMC’s package is no different from any other purchased by Dish–and it works out beautifully for Dish. “Here” says the customer, “Let me keep paying you the same price for less while I defend your consumer-focused practice!” It’s nothing if not hilarious.

      1. So again the sense of entitlement rears it’s ugly head. You think rates should go down because 3 channels were removed, guess what they have been replaced by 3 different channels so nothing lost. The argument would make more sense if you were just paying for AMC and it was no longer available. Not the case it’s a weak network with 4 hours of above average programming. The rest of the programming can be seen on about 4 other networks and if you really want movies you can spend 5 bucks a month get Encore and see them without the commercials. Your point is true and I can’t argue you should feel like your getting what you pay for, and I think Dish network handled this whole thing poorly, but I get tired of hearing people say rates should go down. Your fooling yourself if you think Direct TVs rates won’t go up. They gave into Viacom and all their customers will pay. I feel really bad for the folks who signed up for the NFL package, you get it free this year but you are required to buy it next year, $300.00 good luck with that. In the end I think we can all agree pay tv service sucks it’s a matter of which one sucks the least, for your dollar Dish sucks the least.

      2. Wynne just keeps taking the words right out of my mouth!! Thanks for your posts Wynne!! :)

  16. I guess Dish is ” Really Hurting For Money” They probably don’t make enough with the rates of millions and millions of people? I’m sure AMC is in the same boat. GREED! The American way! Too bad we like the both of them…

  17. Exactly when did it change that content providers started to charge carrage fees. They used to beg for cable to carry their channels. Then they got greedy. They are double dipping by charging both for ads and the cable/sat companies. And they force channels that noone wants. This is why we cannot get to any true allacart packages. 2/3 of my channels are useless to me. Yet I have to buy them.

  18. faye kutschman Monday, August 6, 2012

    I just subscribed to Dish a couple of months ago and AMC was the main channel that I wanted. Shortly thereafter Dish drops AMC!! If this stupid ffeud is not settled and AMC is restored I will be dropping Dish – count on it.

  19. I called Dish because I watch multiple shows on AMC and received a major brush off. I am stuck in contract until February and they won’t let me out of it. They kept offering me three free months of Encore. I asked if Breaking Bad and Walking Dead were magically moving to that channel instead. The woman told me I could stream them free from Itunes and I told her she was crazy if she thought they were free and asked if my bill would drop the cost of purchasing the shows. Basically they don’t care.

  20. Wow, how many employees does dish employ, to go to message boards and insult there customers?

    I have dropped most of my programing while waiting for this to be resolved. I will likely cancel next week, I was wainting for walking dead to cancel. But I need to upgrade my package again for the EPL season, so I will just move now.

    1. Perhaps everyone is sick of the wineinng when real problems are all around us we can’t go to movies and houses of worship with out worrying about getting shot and killed. Tv is crap and some people pay for crap so stop paying for it move on get real

  21. I pay Dish about $150 per month and I just called them to ask if AMC was coming back. I did not get a real answer, but I gather it is not coming back. I found out that my contract is up too, so I can switch to some other service. And to keep the Walking Dead and Mad Men on my TV, I will do just that. It looks like I may be able to stream Netflix for much less than I am paying now. So I am looking into it. That is kind of sad, because I really like Dish, they have great customer service and I would not consider cancelling if I could still watch AMC. Oh well. Maybe I’ll find something I like better for less money…

  22. Dish is lying about AMC forcing them to raise rates. Dish never even entered pricing discussions with AMC. Dish had decided long before AMC’s contract came due that they were not going to renew it because of bitterness over their court decision. Dish is a collective of corrupt and vengeful crooks posing as victims while depriving their customers of a valued channel. Businesses like this should go out of business. I switched to DirectTV in protest and I actually like it a lot more than Dish. Go figure.

  23. Brian nailed it. My bill didn’t drop, and my programming went down. That math, don’t add up.

  24. I dropped dish a week after AMC went off the air and have never looked back. I was stunned at the substantially better sound quality I got from DirecTV. Was also tired of Dish DVR not recording shows correctly when they don’t begin and end exactly on the half hour, which is now pretty much all of them. I don’t even have to think about this with DirecTV; it just happens correctly automatically. And overall, I find the DirecTV GUI to substantially easier and more advanced than Dish.

  25. Breaking Bad normally has 16 episodes in a season. But this summer AMC will only show 8 of those episodes. The remaining episodes will air in the summer of 2013. This allows AMC to keep production costs down while making the fans of the show wait an entire year for the outcome of this season. This is like going to the movie watching half of it and returning a month later to see the other half.

  26. Or….just stream it online 45 minutes after it airs……

  27. Janet Henry Hughes Sunday, August 12, 2012

    I cancelled the programming package and dropped my bill to 37 a month, If they pick amc back up ill get my package back. other people are like me and have a contract which they will pull out 450 if we break it. I dont like dish and i will go to dtv when this contract is over. until i get out of my contract i will pay for my walking dead through amazon, they have only showed why they are in second place compared to dtv

  28. In the end, Dish and all regular broadcast TV content providers are the losers here. They can turn off content until they don’t have any left, because they are about to be a dying way of receiving television anyhow. They are only rushing their demise. The number of homes without any cable or satellite provisioning is growing and will eventually outstrip their customer count, so bring it on.

    1. The reason it is growing is because people can no longer afford tv now. They are finding entertainment on the computer. What will happen is with everyone steaming the content your Internet will go up and your choices on tv will go down and lastly your price to stream the shows will go way up.

  29. Yes, you still pay Dish for AMC, IFC, Sundance & WE plus have to pay for a season pass ($2.84 per episode in HD) for EACH of your favorite series, just on AMC. You completely miss out on the other programming on AMC & the
    sister networks. I watched them frequently & since their programming was removed, have a hard time finding something I haven’t already seen. The number of shopping channels is completely absurd. If Dish doesn’t get this resolved after the trial, I will switch TV provider. What a crock when Charlie Ergen says “Let’s watch TV”. There isn’t anything worth watching without the AMC lineup. Breaking Bad is the best series I’ve seen in years.

    1. Your lieing if your missing any progamming other than the four original your not telling the truth. Golden Girls and Fraiser are on any number of channels. And if you miss commercial filled movies try TNT TBS USA just to name a few. Everything on AMC was a re run so the statement that you can’t find something you haven’t seen before is true you were watching the same re runs but because it was on AMC it was ok. I get tired of the fake argument of I’m not getting this and I’m over charged for that. Fact is the three channels were replaced with like programming the lesson is don’t sign the contract unless you understand it all cable and satellite provides have the same get out of jail free card ” programming subject to change upon availability ” and the other stand by ” rates subject to change” so the best argument is as follows Your service no longer carries my favorite channel what can you offer me ? The fact is when you pay for a service under contract you better understand it

  30. I just joined dish 3 months ago, and did not know of the dispute until they cut off amc to my programming. Do I like it? Not at all. But I have very little recourse at this time. Because of penalties for switching and I have 1 1/2 yrs left on my contract I am stuck. But rest assured I am not a great lover of dish an will never trust them again. And I would advise anyone else to not sign up with Dish. They are not to be trusted and will switch as soon as I can. Tim Bar Las Vegas NV

  31. Plenty of subscribers have dropped Dish. I did so in early July and switched to DirecTV. My dad and stepmom, my brother and his girlfriend, and 3 other friends’ households did the same. My boyfriend stayed with Dish, but only because they offered him all of the pay channels for free for 6 months, $150 in bill credits, a free Roku player, and the NBA package for free. He figures he can come watch Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead at my house. He said once his incentives dry up, he’ll be switching to DirecTV too since Dish doesn’t seem to care about what their customers want. I realize I can buy episodes online, but if I am going to do that – why even have satellite?…

  32. I will drop Dish sometime in September. Going to Direct TV so I can have my Dead in October.

  33. I’m in the position of leaving cable when my contract expires in 12 days since I will not pay $79.99/month for expanded basic with a DVR. Aside from “The Good Wife” , my favorite dramas are all on AMC. So where do I go? DirectTV (more expensive than Dish) is my only choice. Since it’s still cheaper than cable, I’ll gladly go there. No one is talking about losses Dish may suffer from new subscribers that it will not get.
    Undoubtedly, the real issue is the unrelated lawsuit that probably won’t be settled for a couple of months, too late for me…..and Dish.

  34. How do I get out of contract with dish witch i just signed up for 2 years? I was told i would get amc channel!!

  35. Benjamin Patri Monday, August 20, 2012

    Go Dish Network! Why should we pay for channels and sill have to watch commercials as well??? If a channel wants to make money, they should go back to the old fashioned way of charging through the commercials that they show or charge consumers to watch their channel commercial free! Why should I pay for a show and get commercials when I can pay and get it commercial free????

  36. Woohoo, I’m going to be Dish Free in 2 weeks!!!!

    Buh-bye Charlie-“Our customers are not looking at zombies in New York City, They live in farms and ranches … We have data, real data from our customers. And for whatever reason, our customers don’t watch some of those critically acclaimed channels at the level that we read about in the paper, perhaps because we skew a bit rural or whatever.”-Ergan. Good luck running your company into the ground by insulting both the intellectuals and the dullards, ah, but you really don’t need any additional help do you?

    New company (with no mention of Dish) wanted me to know that they will never lessen their subscriber’s programming because they won’t negotiate for popular networks. Seems like Charlie pulled a “Don Draper” and just gave his competition their ad campaigns for free, except I guess Charlie skews too rural to know who that is. The irony is delicious!

    1. The irony will be in 6 months when you have a rate increase. Typical Mensa member Dish customer, can’t afford the early term fee for one month laughable and if you think this new provider Is immune to network negotiation your as dumb as you read and not everyone is intressted in Mad Men or Walking Dead, Breaking Bad so on. My package does not include AMC so I’m not missing anything and glad my rate won’t go up so you can watch you shows.

  37. I’m sorry Mike, what do you know about why I terminated and when? You assume it’s financial? Since [I'm] “as dumb as I read” I can’t figure out if you’re having a pity party of one because you didn’t meet Mensa’s criteria or if you’re just really enjoying your rate because, well, “you can watch you shows”?

    Regardless sir, your argument is irrefutable!

    1. Double talk and dodge I know if your counting down to when you can cancel your dish it’s because either you can’t afford to do so or you can’t get your new provider untill then your just complaining to complain and you have no real argument or you would have come with something much stronger bluster pomp and bs all the same to me

  38. Captain Crunch Friday, August 24, 2012

    Lol, I can care less about AMC. Besides, I’ll just watch the shows on Netflix once they are released, I’d rather keep my bill lower.

    1. You sound like a smart reasonable person good for you

    2. Thats all well & good if you don’t mind watching old programming. Online netflix is really a let down to be honest.

  39. All valid points, I guess. My experience with DISH is this:
    * Have not seen a rate increase in the 3+ years since I switched back to them from DirectTV (what a fiasco that was but that is off topic)
    * However, since I am a Walking Dead junkie, I called to let them know I am looking into other options, including switching services. They promptly told my about the different options I had to secure the programming from AMC I wished to have and decreased my monthly bill to compensate.

  40. Let me throw in a comment that few seem to pay any attention to. That is LIP SYNC. This is where you are watching someone talk and the sound you hear is either occurs before the moth movements or occurs after the mouth movements. Have brought this to the attention of the DISH network several times. It is really noticeable on the local news channels.

    Anyone else having this problem? The DISH engineers keep trying to blame it on my big screen TV. I ask them if this was the case, why don’t I have the problem on all my local channels and not just one or two of them.

  41. Because pay tv service will never go down! This is the most stupid question asked by dish customers. Does your electricity bill go down do you pay less for gas hell no if you don’t want to pay for t.v. get a over the air digital receiver. Direct tv rates will not go down no ones will. “programming subject to availability” and price subject to change this is in every contract and commitment you sign when you get the service understand it and deal

  42. I recently dropped cox cable because of their abusive rates. I wanted to get dish, but I love AMC programs (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, The Killing etc.). I really only need HBO, Showtime, AMC, FX, FSC and the ESPN channels. Anyone have any insight as to doing that? That Roku doesn’t have the channels I want and I’m not familiar with Amazon. You must admit that AMC does have quality programming.

    1. Hey Amy, The Killing was cancelled so you don’t have to worry about that one! iTunes or Amazon Instant (you use that via a Roku or smart TV) will be your best bet if you just want to buy certain programs, but they will run you $2-$3 per episode. You just have to weigh the cost of how many programs & number of episodes versus a monthly fee; so it’s totally individual.

      For ESPN, I would think you need a cable provider, but they might do some online video too? FX’s shows are carried by huluplus, but are “web only” (meaning you either need to connect your laptop to your TV when you watch, or just watch on your computer. Hulu runs about $7.99/mo. Most of the NBC, ABC and FOX’s programs are carried on huluplus and you can watch them on your TV with a Roku or smart TV. I wish Hulu would expand and AMC would contract with them, so that satellite and get cable get a little more competition, but who knows when/if it will change? Hulu also has forced commercials, just to give you a heads up!

      Yes, I agree that AMC has some quality programs, and I hope no one here berates you for your personal opinion and likes!

  43. Dish just credited me on my next bill in an amount comparable to what it will cost me to download episodes of Breaking Bad from Amazon…. they are also giving other “deals” to “qualified” customers who complain about losing AMC. … So, call Dish, complain, get the credit, download the shows you miss… win win for everyone.

  44. Ok people wake up. I have been with Dish for 16 years. They all have gone up Dish not lately why because they don’t have to. Why because they just cut programing and guess what your rates are still the same where did the money that they were paying per subscriber to AMC go? Awh it is still in their pockets did they cut their rates to make it look like they care about the consumer Hell No. First it was FX now AMC have you noticed that Direct-TV has their splash all over A&E, what’s next History Channel or Discovery?I do not know or can find out what Dish was paying AMC per subscrber but I would dare say it’s not over a $1.45 per unit but at that Dish stuck estimated $19 million in their pockets why would they need to raise their rates? Nice Raise Dish? We are not as stupid as you think! by the way AMC only wanted $0.15 per unit raise. That’s still figuring in profit @ 25% Dish would be making another Half a million more profit. GREEDY or what getting as bad as Oil corporations!

    1. Again we ask the stupid question why didn’t Dish drop its rates? Because its a business duh rates don’t go down they never will Direct will not go down Comcast will not go down its pay tv service it Dosent matter what AMC asks for or whom ever your paying for it be smart it’s a cable network it’s not a broadcast network you have to pay if the deal with Dish did not make sense then why would they do it? What all of us should be upset about and complaining about is gas prices electricity rates they go up every year it seems and theres nothing new to look forward to. Do you have to pay for tv no but you do if you want cable networks and your dealing with business this is not a business that you make friends in this business you try to keep the rate low the service on and make the right business decisions

  45. Dish has lost almost 1 million consumers. That’s a 24 Million dollar loss you would think they would wake up.

  46. Thank you Mike W for finding and presenting the facts and numbers of just what AMC was looking for in terms of a rate increase and the excellent reminder that Dish now pockets that enormous subscriber sum for AMC (and has, in fact, gotten quite a raise by default!). I highly doubt they have to pay for whatever it is that replaced it, the Bikinis in HD network, etc.

    It’s difficult to compare Dish to other cable and satellite providers because Dish is the only one of these that ihas dropped tremendously popular programming and a number of channels. Although the blackouts and squabbles are becoming more common, the total loss of a set of channels and disregard for what the consumer wants to have the choice to watch is unmatched as far as I know.

    I do wonder what will break Dish from the spell of Ergen’s hubris… They’ve patched things over for some existing customers by offering reductions and Roku’s, but that certainly will not continue and the subscriber loss (and the lack of people looking to sign up for Dish) will be too large not to notice eventually. If the Voom lawsuit goes the way that most expect, Dish is looking to lose quite a sum to AMC’s corporations too, and I believe some of those court decisions are coming shortly. It would be nice if the whole thing simply put Dish out of business; a lesson for any company looking to lose programming and keep fees!

  47. 10/ 20 bucks a month? Increase me then whatever… I’d pay it until my contract was up, then bounce to a more affordable option if one exists. But if your dropping the channels, put some money back in my pocket.

    1. Progamming subject to change without notice its called a contract you signed it live with it.

  48. I’m under contract and completely screwed. I am not a happy Dish customer and I will drop them like a bad habit when my contract is up.

  49. We had upgraded with Dish and paid 20 more a month so we could get AMC and then Dish dropped them. they didn’t lower our bill 20 dollars instead to compensate they gave us 3 months of HBO which we never watched and we had to call in and cancel. We had issues with satelite freeze up we would set our DVR to record something and it would be something different (for example CSI was supposed to be on according to the programming when we went to watch it it was some bad movie) The football games are never correct and God forbid it sprinkles our dish goes out for hours. The customer service agents barely speak english and the ones that do are rude. We dropped Dish like a bad habit. Their programming, inconsistant billing and customer service are the worst!

    1. So first typical annoying dish customer so lets debunk this one at a time there is no package that goes up twenty bucks 15 at the most unless you jumped two packages then it would be a 25 dollar difference and no your bill didn’t go down because you got more than AMC and it was replaced with ASX and if your dish went our at the slightest hint of rain did you just do without untill you dropped the service? No you didn’t same lame complaint that is baseless and news flash football games are subject to NFL programs and contracts you will have the same issue with any other provider more baseless complaints about everything but AMC offshore agents suck your right about that but everything else is hot air

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