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A U.K. judge who found that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad took the unusual step this month of ordering Apple to broadcast that finding to the British public. Now, Apple has won at least a temporary reprieve.


In one of the stranger twists in the global legal battle over tablet computers, a U.K. judge this month ordered Apple to announce via newspapers and its website that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad.

Judge Colin Birss, who had recently decided that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets “are not as cool” as the iPad, ruled the order was necessary to correct prejudice against Samsung stemming from Apple’s lawsuit.

Apple balked at the order, which requires it to buy newspaper ads and put a notice on its website for six months, and argued that it amounted to giving its competitor free advertising. It appealed the order and asked for a stay.

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that Apple got its wish — a London court has reportedly agreed to freeze the order until Apple has a chance to appeal the ruling in October.

The U.K. dust-up is just one of many ongoing court battles between the companies. Apple will confront its nemesis on its home turf next week in a long-awaited patent trial starting in San Jose, Calif.

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  1. HAH! Typical Apple, they steal an idea, get notoriety from it, says everyone else took their idea not giving a crap about how it made that other company look, is told that that wasn’t the case and that they had to state it just as publicly as they bad-mouthed it and Apple cries about how it gives their competitor free advertising after lowering competitors sales from their litigiousness.. Spoiled child.

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