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Roku just started rolling out a firmware update to its media players that includes a translation of its user interface to Spanish and German. This comes just days after we broke the story that Roku is eyeing Germany and Span as its next foreign markets.

Roku LT

Told you so: We just got further confirmation that Roku is preparing to launch its media player devices in Germany and Spain in the form of the company’s most recent firmware update.

Roku’s 4.8 firmware, which started rolling out Thursday, comes with an interesting new feature. From the announcement blog post:

“Expanded language support, adding Spanish and German to the user interface (To change your language, just go to Settings from the Roku home screen.)”

Roku previously only supported English and French. We reported earlier this week that Roku’s website contained traces of an expansion to Spain and Germany. A company spokesperson didn’t want to comment on its plans for continental Europe at the time, but Roku definitely took notice: The revealing HTML code snippets have since disappeared.

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