1. That is a very lucrative market indeed. Integrating digital payment is a great idea too – there could even be a feature in the future that automatically adds ‘overtime’ to the babysitters fee?

  2. cameroonworks Thursday, June 21, 2012

    the next baby boom is right arround the corner and you can see all these merchants lining up for it, adjust your business to benefit from this growing trend too

  3. I have been in this business for 14 years.
    There are a few flaws in this mindset. Parents like to speak with the person making the placement and the like to speak with their sitters before caring for kids even happen. Resumes, bios, testimonials, are all words that can be created to sound great but if the sitter can’t articulate or communicate with children and parents then we have a problem. Yes parents like to pay on a card but by the time the bank and credit card companies take out their percentages then the IRS at the end of the year sitters and agencies are making nothing. So are cards really worth it for the sitter? Convenience doesn’t equal quality, personable, comfort or profitability.

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