Fancy, the social discovery and commerce site, just picked up a big name user: Mark Zuckerberg. The move is interesting because Fancy competes with hot social start-up Pinterest and has figured out a way to make money through social discovery.

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Fancy, the social discovery and commerce site that competes with Pinterest, just picked up a big name user: Mark Zuckerberg. Fancy said Zuckerberg joined the site Friday morning under the name zuckd.

It may just be that Zuckerberg is interested in finding some gift ideas for his new bride. But it also prompts some interesting questions about Facebook’s potential interest in Fancy. As we’ve reported before, Fancy is growing quickly, bringing the self-expression and social discovery of Pinterest together with the commerce component of Amazon. It allows retailers and merchants to see what people are Fancying and allows them to sell those products directly through the site. Fancy now has about a million users and recently launched its commerce platform for iOS.

Zuckerberg could be interested to see how you can fuse social discovery with commerce. Others are also looking at this opportunity. TheFind recently launched Glimpse, a Facebook app that takes people’s likes and marries it with a huge product database. Facebook hasn’t been a great place for brands to sell directly to consumers. But we’re seeing how more and more companies are able to unlock commerce through social channels.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Zuckerberg wanted to sniff around Fancy as a potential acquisition. It would give it an answer to Pinterest, the hottest start-up right now. And Fancy has the added bonus of having a more mature commerce model than Pinterest. Or it could just be that Zuckerberg is just seeing what’s out there. Fancy certainly has some big name board members including Jack Dorsey, PPR Chairman Francois-Henri Pinault and Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook.  Or Zuckerberg may wants to express himself. So far he’s just fancied one item: an Extendo library shelving system.

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  1. Nicole Ritter Friday, June 8, 2012

    Is this for real? Zuck is starting a new social networking site? http://reconnectbook.com/

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  3. Muhammad Waqas Sunday, June 10, 2012

    I don’t think so, why he’d join thefancy before disclosing his acquisition plan? to check the business model and features? no he can try it by making an account with other name.

    I don’t think that he is foolish and will let the fancy know his acquisition intentions.

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