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While much of the industry today is focused on improving speeds and feeds inside the data center, we need to recognize the importance of improving the networks that connect enterprise data centers to each other, and to the public cloud. This post explains why. Read more »

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IT is loosening its chokehold on software purchasing decisions and consumer-like products are finding their way into enterprise software. These changes are generating unprecedented opportunities for software startups. GoInstant’s CEO Jevon MacDonald lists the key questions startups should consider before selling into the enterprise market. Read more »


Apple’s accountants are busy tallying its fiscal 2012 Q3 numbers, including the number of iPads sold and revenue from the iPad product line. Rags Srinivasan examines these two numbers and what they mean for the shelf life of the iPad 2. Read more »

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For second time in less than a month, Amazon’s Northern Virginia data center has suffered an outage and is impacting many popular services such as Instagram, Pinterest & Netflix. Amazon previously suffered an outage in its Northern Virginia facilities on June 14, 2012. Read more »

You read GigaOM every day. You’re an experienced, media-savvy Product Manager. And you’re not only bursting with ideas about how to build the next generation of GigaOM, but you’ve got the experience and skills to help our team do it. We want to hear from you. Read more »

Catapult King

Where fantasy-based, castle siege, catapult-style games are concerned, there aren’t too many deviations out there. In fact the genre is quite cliché. But Catapult King gives the category a fun, new perspective. Read more »


A startup called ThroughPuter has a message for the world’s cloud computing providers: Come talk to us, we can make your cloud fly for serious applications. The company has built a hardware platform designed from ground up to run parallel-processing applications in a multitenant environment. Read more »


Path announced today that it has integrated with the Nike+ FuelBand, allowing users to track their movement throughout the day and receive motivation from friends using Path. The connection marks an important mainstream partnership for Path, which has struggled to gain widespread adoption from users. Read more »

6Wunderkinder CEO Christian Reber

Productivity startup 6Wunderkinder made a big noise on the Berlin scene when it launched, but it’s been quiet for a few months. Now CEO Christian Reber explains why other German startups should follow suit and focus on their product — and why he’s worried about Windows 8. Read more »

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