Apple’s iPhone goes pre-paid with Cricket’s $55 plan


Cricket Wireless, will offer two Apple iPhone handset models with monthly pre-paid plans beginning on June 22. The company announced the news on Thursday, saying it will sell a $399 iPhone 4 8GB and a $499 iPhone 4S 16 GB with no contract. Both phones can be used with Cricket’s $55 pre-paid plan, advertised as unlimited voice minutes, text messages and data usage.

Cricket’s network uses CDMA and EVDO technology for voice and data, and its coverage is bolstered by roaming agreements with Sprint. Although the company advertises unlimited data, it is subject to “fair use” and Cricket can throttle bandwidth speeds if customers surpass 2.3 GB of data in a given month. Customers interested in Cricket’s iPhone can pre-register for the device at

Given that Cricket has extensive roaming agreements with Sprint, this deal shouldn’t surprise as Sprint began selling the iPhone in October of last month. Regardless, this news gives Apple yet another avenue to sell more of its lucrative iPhones in the U.S.

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