Cricket Wireless will offer two Apple iPhone handset models with monthly pre-paid plans beginning on June 22. The iPhone 4 and 4S will cost $399 and $499 respectively, without a contract, using Cricket’s $55 plan, advertised as unlimited voice minutes, text messages and data usage.


Cricket Wireless, will offer two Apple iPhone handset models with monthly pre-paid plans beginning on June 22. The company announced the news on Thursday, saying it will sell a $399 iPhone 4 8GB and a $499 iPhone 4S 16 GB with no contract. Both phones can be used with Cricket’s $55 pre-paid plan, advertised as unlimited voice minutes, text messages and data usage.

Cricket’s network uses CDMA and EVDO technology for voice and data, and its coverage is bolstered by roaming agreements with Sprint. Although the company advertises unlimited data, it is subject to “fair use” and Cricket can throttle bandwidth speeds if customers surpass 2.3 GB of data in a given month. Customers interested in Cricket’s iPhone can pre-register for the device at www.mycricket.com/iphone.

Given that Cricket has extensive roaming agreements with Sprint, this deal shouldn’t surprise as Sprint began selling the iPhone in October of last month. Regardless, this news gives Apple yet another avenue to sell more of its lucrative iPhones in the U.S.

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  1. Great news! Little confused is Sprint (s) a spelling error or is there some hidden significance to (s) I am unaware of?

    1. Whoops! Yes it is great news, but not so great to have a little tag error after the word “Sprint”. ;) Just fixed it, Dave; thanks!

      1. When will the iPhone for cricket come out in San Diego, California

  2. does it mean we can flash verizon or sprint iphones to use on cricket or we hace to buy the device from them?

    1. this has been possible for a while, but the makers of the solution have kept it really locked down and only sell it wholesale for large quantities of phones. this keeps the solution out of the hands of most of the shoos that flash phones. the solution is from a firm in ukraine and i believe mostly targets CDMA carriers in russia, ukraine, korea, and china that buy large number of second hand phones for flashing and reselling to there customers.

      1. I’m in Pittsburgh and I flashed the iPhone 4 to cricKet last month. There is nothing locked down about the solution. I did it all from my cricket store’s computer. lol

      2. Hey Ronald can you flash my verizon phone i live in Pittsburgh

      3. Hi can u flash my iPhone 4s??? 8435751317

  3. i wonder if cricket will be locking the SIM card slot on the 4S.

    if not the 4S is considerably cheaper( – $150.00) than at the apple store, these will be in a nearly permanent out of stock status as they get bought up for export.

    1. Kevin C. Tofel tom Thursday, May 31, 2012

      And Apple would lose $150 in potential revenue on each phone. I’m thinking that’s not happening. ;)

    2. not sure if thats what u are askinf but they will definitely lock the software on the 4s phones to run only on their network, they dont have to phisically lock the simcard slot to prevent it from being used on other networks (ie verizon or sprint 4s iphones are locked to their networks respectively but the simcard slot itself is not phisically locked in the phone)

    3. Carl Henderson tom Monday, June 25, 2012

      Cricket phones are physically modified (different model number) and permanently locked to them. Unlike a Sprint or Verizon phone that can be unlocked from the carrier. If you buy one and think you’ll just be able to go to another CDMA carrier….. forget it!!! ….they can’t even be flashed.

      The boot loader is unlockable and now iPhone users will find out what it’s like to not even be able to Jailbreak their phone!

  4. For a two phone house, that’s half the price of Verizon. In 6 months it would pay for itself by buying the two unsubsidized phones from cricket.

  5. Albert Nevarez Thursday, May 31, 2012

    Does this mean that current iPhones on the sprint network can be fully flashed to the Cricket network and be fully functional including picture messaging?

    1. i have heard that cricket today has been requesting that all stores stop flashing verizon and sprint iphones.

      this is a first, cricket has never before banned any specific phones from being flashed.

      i wonder if cricket has a minimum order commitment with apple?

      p.s. MMS has been possible for a while on jailbroken/flashed iphones if the person flashing has enough knowledge.

      1. cricketdealer tom Tuesday, June 5, 2012

        many cricket store owners are getting calls reminding them that flashing and/or activating flashed iphones is now banned.

        this is really weird since one of the things cricket has been know for over the ears is a very liberal policy towards bringing flashed phones from other cdma carriers.

        flashed phones dominate the entire top end of the android selection at cricket stores.

  6. it will be interesting to see how this affects cricket network.

    i know from my experience working in cricket stores that most customers do not have home internet connections with wifi to fall back on, most are also in the very heavy video and music streamers.

  7. I have a question? I used to be with sprint, and am currently looking for a new phone company. I have my mind set on the iphone 4s, but am unsure if i will have to pay the full price, or get a discount since i am eligible for a new phone later this month and will be new to this company.

  8. Scott Owens Monday, July 23, 2012

    I wonder if make an acception to flashing my iphone 4s thats with verizon only cause its a 64 GB

  9. John Mathers Monday, July 30, 2012

    I just flashed my iphone 4 to metro pcs using this service http://www.iphonecdmatool.com. It took me less than 5 minutes to do! Super easy!! It says it supports all cdma carriers so cricket users should be able to use it also

  10. Can you still get the plan for an Iphone 3gs?

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