Google just launched an iOS app for its other social network: iPhone users can now access the social activity service Schemer with an app that allows them to find things to do and share those plans with their friends. The app closely mimics its Android cousin.


Google’s social team has had a lot of love for iOS lately: Just days after rolling out a revamped iPhone app for Google+, the company now released an iOS app for its social activity service Schemer. The app mimics Schemer’s Android app in form and functionality, allowing users to tell the world what they’re plans are – and then join with friends for group activities.

Schemer has been an interesting initiative for Google. The service launched under the radar a few months back, then opened up to the public in April. Schemer is using a separate branding, but it’s tied closely to Google+, using your Google+ contacts to devise collective schemes. One has to wonder if Schemer could eventually become one of many apps running on top of Google+.


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  1. I don’t think Google loves the iPhone. They just love the data collection it provides. We are the product, not the customer.

  2. Again, GigaOm, what’s wrong with you guys? How hard is it to post an actual LINK to the website of Schemer? Isn’t this the internet? Aren’t links the very basic fundamental of the web? Jesus, give brain.

    1. You are right, this is the Internet, and we should have linked. Adding a link now.

  3. “…allowing users to tell the world what they’re plans are” — typo: their**

    It happens.

  4. The “Staying home” icon looks a lot like the Readability logo.

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