Some of the stories people are talking about this morning…

Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi
  • AOL unveils video channel hub to TV subscribers (paidContent)
  • Genres stretch, for better and worse, as YouTube takes on TV (NYT)
  • James Murdoch faces Levenson (but will he remember?) (paidContent)
  • Should the NYT charge for early access to the news? (GigaOM)
  • Health blogger could be jailed for giving health advice while unlicensed (The Atlantic)
  • Bloomberg: NYC’s tech success is luring potential employees…who aren’t cultureless rubes (PandoDaily)
  • Exclusive: Bebo founders, shareholders sue owner for “destroying” site (paidContent)
  • The latest sad fate of an aggregation serf (The Awl)
  • Is Netflix doomed? (The New Yorker Blog)
  • The state of the web: Spring 2012 (The Oatmeal)

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