News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch followed son James in front of the Leveson Inquiry Wednesday. Thursday morning he’ll do it all over again.

Rupert Murdoch

News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch followed son James in front of the Leveson Inquiry Wednesday. Thursday morning he’ll do it all over again.

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Rupert Murdoch’s Groundhog Day

News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch followed son James in front of the Leveson Inquiry. Thursday he’ll do it all over again.

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James Murdoch’s session at the Leveson Inquiry Tuesday was dominated by a hefty batch of emails from  News Corp. PR exec Frédéric Michel trying to get the BSkyB deal approved. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt took the worst of it, other politicians, including Prime Minister David Cameron, made unflattering cameo appearances. The ripple effect has Hunt fighting for his political career and now Murdoch bête noire The Guardian reports the emails could be part of an insider trading investigation:

The stock market watchdog, the Financial Services Authority, is looking at whether a series of emails from the office of the culture and media secretary to News Corporation representatives broke rules on insider trading, the Guardian understands.Emails disclosed on Tuesday during the Leveson inquiry into the media, appear to show that News Corp’s public affairs executive Frédéric Michel was given a unique insight into decisions being made by the culture secretary Jeremy Hunt into News Corp’s £8bn bid for BSkyB by Hunt’s special adviser, Adam Smith. Michel then relayed the information to his boss, James Murdoch, a News Corp executive and chairman of BSkyB at the time.

Rupert Murdoch, who come off much sharper most of the day than he did before Parliament, spent most of the day insisting the vision of him as a political string-puller isn’t fair or right.

He gave nothing. In the face of what every reasonable person might understand to be true, he held his ground. He was the ordinary and down-to-earth guy, whereas his Leveson inquiry antagonists were just this side of wild conspiracists. He was Hyman Roth in the Godfather: just "a retired investor living on a pension".The inquiry’s lead counsel, Robert Jay, who has been a masterful interrogator of the many witnesses who have come before, was reduced to demanding Murdoch confess to being … well, Murdoch. Isn’t it true Mr Murdoch, Jay in effect found himself insisting, that you are a corrupt manipulator of the system?

KRM: “Well, put it this way: I go to election every year, Mr Jay, every day. People can stop buying my newspapers any time. Often do, I’m afraid. And it is only natural for politicians to reach out to editors and sometimes proprietors, if they’re available, to explain what they’re doing and hoping that it makes an impression and it gets through …

The Murdochs aren’t the only ones with instant access to mass distribution, something Rupert might want to keep in mind when he gives his version of events. Take this comment about Sir Harold Evans: 

KRM: “I only remember ever talking to Mr Evans about policy once, when he came to me, shut the door behind him and said, ‘Look, tell me what you want to say — what do you  want me to say, and it needn’t leave this room, but  I will do it’, and I said to him, ‘Harry, that is not my  job.  All I would say to you’, and this is the nearest thing I ever came to an instruction, was “please be consistent. Don’t change sides day by day.”

Evans is not only the former editor of The Sunday Times — he’s the husband of The Newsweek/Daily Beast ‘s Tina Brown and he had an instant outlet for his indignant response.. 

There is a pattern to the Murdoch sagas. He responds to serious criticism by a biting wisecrack or diversionary personal attack. What is denied most sharply invariably turns out to irrefutably true.

Rupert Murdoch was overheard at the break protesting the possibility of stretching into a second day:

Rupert to advisers in courtroom: "Let’s get him to get this fucking thing over with today".Dan Sabbagh

Splitting between days should be better for him; he was getting tired and a bit less sharp. Wednesday was nearly all BSkyB and politicians. Thursday, probably more of that given claims that he wasn’t telling the truth:

Gordon Brown: Rupert Murdoch’s evidence on oath about me was wrong http://gu.com/p/376×5/twDan Sabbagh

But the main dish likely will be phone hacking. Thursday’s hearing starts at 10 am in London and is expected to last 2-3 hours. It will be live streamed.

  1. EU Brainwashing Thursday, April 26, 2012

    In August 2009 Rupert Murdoch spoke at the Edinburgh International Television Festival saying:

    “In this all-media marketplace, the expansion of state-sponsored journalism is a threat to the plurality and independence of news provision, which are so important for our democracy,” and “As Orwell foretold, to let the state enjoy a near-monopoly of information is to guarantee manipulation and distortion”

    From about this point in time the ‘phone hacking’ issue has become harder and harder to keep in the long grass.

    My reading is Rupert Murdoch does not have the blessing enjoyed by his father. He is having his wings clipped. He is being chastised.

    And there are useful messages that can be transmitted from this unfolding series of events, such as: there is a difference between a mogul and a maverick.

    On the 29 March 2004 the Guardian ran a ‘joky’ item revealing Evelyn de Rothschild was at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport on the day candidates were being interviewed for the post of BBC chairman.

    The BBC is blessed by the real ruling oligarchy, whoever that may be. The BBC is one of the most effective tools in the elaborate mechanisms of control. Trust in the BBC is paramount, both domestic and international, its credibility must never be brought into question; especially by one of such news-media standing. Calling the BBC “state-sponsored journalism” and casting its lack of “independence” to be a threat to “plurality and democracy” is a sin. And worse; using the ‘Orwell’ word in connection to the BBC, highlighting its ‘near-monopoly of information’ as being a ‘guarantee’ of ‘manipulation and distortion’ could not be allowed to remain unpunished.

    Far from the BBC having the monopoly on information, it is the Maxwell organisations that has the international spread and keeping them under check is important to the elite too. Too much power in any pair of hands is not to be allowed. No invitations to the high table are granted.

    This is a trial of strength. That does not mean the Maxwells will spend the rest of their days breaking rocks in Dartmoor. They will, though, be broken, whipped, pilloried and left to the scavengers as an example to whoever else thinks they hold a whip hand, who are careless with their granted powers and wealth or who think they can trample upon the labyrinthine and win.

    Of cause, I do not doubt such a news empire has cupboards full of skeletons which many, on the rungs of power and authority, know of and fear revelation. It patently looks that this is why two UK governments, and their police, have strived to bury and minimise the affair. They are all implemented, deeply I have no doubt, and if the case expands to its full potential its destructive force will be unprecedented. In comparison Watergate will look like a washout.

    The press will lose its confidence and power for any meaningful investigation and will instead just publish simple reiteration of the news agencies output.

    From time to time, our glorious masters believe, the pack must be shuffled. Predicting the exact order of play is hard but, if they do not like the hands against which they play, they can keep causing a shuffle, again and again.

    The outcome of this shuffle may include the end of the UK as it is absorbed into the EU as a series of regions, its economy shattered, the credibility of its government and law enforcement irrevocably discredited. Indirect collateral damage may be unintentional but it is also inconsequential. More likely it is also included in the plans or even is at the core of the plan.

    1. EU Brainwashing Friday, April 27, 2012

      I mean James not Rupert of cause.


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