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GigaOm Structure:Data 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

In the year since we launched our inaugural data event, big data has gone through major changes. Data science is no longer something mysteri… Read more »

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New iPad
photo: Apple

UBS believes the new iPad will be the catalyst that drives consumers to connect their tablets to mobile broadband networks. In a new report,… Read more »

Erik Swan of Splunk at Structure:Data 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

Machine-generated data, the non-intelligible zeros and ones that are generated by sensors and other devices, is no longer just for geeks. While it looks like gibberish forward-thinking consumers are already pressing that “gibberish” data into service, according to speakers at Structure: Data 2012. Read more »

Randal Mich Verizon general counsel

A Senate subcommittee pressed Verizon and Comcast on two big questions Wednesday: Are they colluding to drive up broadband prices? And does Verizon really need the spectrum it’s buying from the cable operators, or is it just placing it out of competitors’ grasp? Read more »

Jeff Lucker of Deloitte at Structure:Data 2012

It’s tough to overcome some of the biases that have become second nature in most businesses. But if you’re John Lucker, who’s a Principal at Deloitte, overcoming the “human factor” can be critical to the success of driving organizational change. Overcoming that is necessary, however. Read more »

lightning clouds

Who will become the standard platform for cloud computing? The stakes are massive, and not simply because of the burgeoning spending on compute as a utility. At stake is control over the applications that run on cloud platforms. Michael Driscoll of Metamarkets sizes up the competition. Read more »

Google Wallet Cash Register

In yet another sign of the slow progress of mobile payments despite strong interest, Google is rethinking its approach to Google Wallet and may consider sharing revenue with wireless carriers, according to a new report. Otherwise, carriers may push their own payments tech instead. Read more »

Screen Shot 2012-03-21 at 4.13.51 PM

With electric cars slowly rolling out in 2012, can a business model be built around providing a new kind of testing equipment for electric car chargers? A startup called Gridtest Systems hopes so, and has just started selling its diagnostic machines. Read more »

Douglas Merrill of ZestCast at Structure:Data 2012

Next-generation online banking service ZestCash uses data to help qualify people for short term loans. The company explains at Structure:Data it has been giving $300 to $800 loans to users based on thousands of variables, which are boiled down to 10 models. Read more »


Windows Phone handset owners have good reason to hit their app store today: Wunderlist, a free task management app, landed on the platform. The software, found in the Windows Marketplace, offers cloud-based task synching and the ability to email tasks directly to the app. Read more »

Arnab Gupta of Opera Solutions at Structure:Data 2012

Humans have to be part of the equation when it comes to interpreting and processing data if we want to get the most value out of it, argued Arnab Gupta, CEO and founder of Opera Solutions at Structure:Data. Gupta advocates for making data small. Read more »

Todd Papaioannou of Continuuity at Structure:Data 2012

If 80 percent of new data created is going to be unstructured, where is all that data coming from? It’s coming from consumers’ activities online and it requires real-time processing, said Continuuity’s Todd Papaionnou at Structure:Data. Read more »

Eric Huls of Allstate Insurance, Jeremy Howard of Kaggle, and Ryan Kim of GigaOM at Structure:Data 2012

Predicting risk is key to the way insurance companies figure out your monthly rates and premiums, and it needs data and time to do so. Allstate said at Structure:Data that the best use of this data was to give it to the 30,000 scientists competing on Kaggle. Read more »

EditVideoClip1 copy

Animoto updated its iPhone app Wednesday, adding a much requested feature — the ability to add videos in addition to photos when creating video slideshows on their mobile devices. That puts its iPhone app more on par with competitors like Magisto and Vidify. Read more »

HP printer

It’s official: one of HP’s longest-serving executives will retire in a corporate shakeup that will merge two historically important divisions that have fallen on hard times amid a shift to mobile technology. HP hopes the move will help it save money as it tries to rebound. Read more »

Rob Me of Pivotal Labs, Scott Yara of EMC, and Om Malik of GigaOM at Structure:Data 2012

Pivotal Labs will keep on doing what it does best after EMC’s acquisition, according to Pivotal CEO Rob Mee. There has been concern over Pivotal’s future as part of the EMC behemoth, which Rob Mee did his best to alleviate at Structure: Data 2012. Read more »

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