Western media lost an important ally in their attempts to report from Syria today, as citizen journalist Rami Ahmad Alsayeed was killed by armed forcers only hours after streaming live from the city of Homs. Alsayeed’s footage had been used by the BBC and Al Jazeera.


Syrian citizen journalist Rami Ahmad Alsayeed was killed by the country’s armed forces today, according to a blog post by live streaming provider Bambuser. Alsayeed was using Bambuser to report out of the besieged city of Homs, which has been under heavy attack for days. Some of his footage from recent weeks has been used by major news networks BBC World and Al Jazeera, who have been barred from the country.

Alsayeed and some of his friends had located their camera on a rooftop in the Homs neighborhood of Babaamr, according to Bambuser. Very graphic footage of his body has since shown up on YouTube, and Bambuser relayed one of his latest messages on its blog. It reads, in part:

“Babaamr is facing a genocide right now. I will never forgive you for your silence. You all have just give us your words but we need actions.”

Live streaming was an essential tool in the Arab spring, but has also been under constant attack by the embattled regimes. Last week, Bambuser reported that its site had been blocked by Syria. Ustream and Livestream told us that they hadn’t seen any interference from the Syrian regime so far.

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  1. one of the only people brave enough to tell the world what was going on in Syria– and this is what he got. very sad

  2. this is terrible

  3. This just makes me sick and disgusted. These people are being slaughtered mercilessly and we are doing nothing. Sanctions are not “doing something” and will not work, let alone be in time to help many of these people. The world went and intervened in Libya for much less than this…the reasons they are stating for not doing the same here are a joke. People being murdered are people being murdered and nations that say they care about human life and freedom need to do more than say wait for sanctions and politics to work.

    1. Libya was saved because it has oil.

      1. How deep, but not likely true, libya was saved for it was a more doable war and because russia didnt get in the way.

    2. Talk to Russia and China. They’re the one’s still supporting al-Assad

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