One of the main reasons to embrace HTML5 for media playback is to make things work on the iPad. But for SoundCloud, HTML5 has also shown much more user engagement than Flash. That’s why the company switched its default widget to HTML5.


Social sound sharing startup Soundcloud is switching to HTML5 for its default widget, essentially demoting its Flash widget to become a fallback solution. Soundcloud only introduced its HTML5 widget some three months ago, but a spokesperson told me today that it’s been a hit with users: “People are eight times as likely to share the sounds after playing them (with the) HTML5 widget as compared to the Flash version,” the spokesperson wrote via email.

One of the main reasons Soundcloud went HTML5 was of course to support sound sharing on the iPad and other mobile platforms, but the user engagement was definitely a welcome bonus as well. “We see that people are almost twice as likely to play the HTML5 widget when they see it embedded,” the spokesperson told me.

Check out the HTML5 widget in action below:

Soundcloud also added two new features to its HTML5 widget, making it possible to add comments to sounds and “like” them directly within the embedded widget.

Soundcloud announced just few days ago that it now has 10 million registered users as well as 10,000 developers. The Berlin-based startup secured a $50 million funding round earlier this month.

Image courtesy of Flickr user slavik_V.

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  1. On both of my Android devices it just opens the “share”-function instead of playing. Probably not the way the it’s supposed to work…

  2. jimmy mcjimmerson Thursday, January 26, 2012

    Imagine just how much power they are saving worldwide with everyone’s machines not having to fire up Flash every time they load a SoundCloud page…

    1. false argument.
      based on lies.

    2. Apple has to have it “their way” or “no way”…zombie.

  3. Im not flash im a appleinthewindow Friday, January 27, 2012

    Thats a good thing .

  4. Hasn’t worked for weeks.

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