Video: Cloud gaming on the iPad with OnLive


I recently noted that virtualization and remote computer access would help transform the computing industry and several companies are trying to make that vision a reality. OnLive is among this group; most recently with its iPad app that remotely connects to Windows applications on cloud servers. Mobile productivity is great, but mobile gaming is far more fun!

Here’s a look at the upcoming iOS OnLive gaming client on my iPad, along with the $49.99 OnLive Game Controller, which works over Bluetooth or USB.

The service also works on and is available for Windows PCs, Mac OS X computers and Google Android devices; I’ve tested it on my MacBook Air and Galaxy Nexus phone, for example. Service quality has been great over Wi-Fi — I have  a 25 Mbps FiOS connection — and I’ve even had some playtime over 3G. However, this type of cloud service runs best with a stable, reliable pipe, so a spotty mobile broadband connection isn’t optimal in my opinion.


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