The total number of global broadband subscribers is inching toward 600 million, according to data released by industry group Broadband Forum. They estimate that at the end of the third quarter of 2011, there were about 581 million broadband subscribers.


 Here are some highlights:

  • A total of 17.4 million broadband lines were added during Q3 2011.
  • China had 152.52 million subscribers at the end of Q3 2011 while the U.S. had 90.5 million.
  • At the end of Q3 there were a total of 54.4 million IPTV subscribers, up 6.06 percent over the previous quarter. France, China and USA are the top three IPTV regions. Russia is the fastest growing IPTV nation.
  • FTTx (including FTTH) technologies saw a sharp uptick during the quarter. FTTx alone added 19 million lines during the quarter. Broadband Forum says that now fiber technologies account for 16 percent of total broadband market share and will soon catch up to cable, which stands at 19.5 percent.

It would be interesting to see how the emergence of LTE — probably as a major market force by the end of 2012 — starts to impact the demand for wired broadband connections, especially in newer market with little or no legacy infrastructure.

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  1. TIme for IPv6 :-)

  2. Maxim Razmakhin Sunday, January 15, 2012

    it’s natural to see a crazy growth rate for China, but US is still growing pretty quickly. 5 million lines in only 1 year.

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