Yahoo apparently is looking to overhaul its board of directors,. Like me, many critics believe that have been negligent in their duties. I have a handy list of some great corporate leaders who can contribute positively and also help new CEO’ Scott Thompson’s quest for innovation.


So looks like Yahoo is going to undertake a board overhaul. Good. What took them so long? The Wall Street Journal says that activist investor Dan Loeb has been asking for the heads of chairman Roy Bostock and board members Arthur Kern, Vyomesh Josh and Sue James. He reportedly wants co-founder Jerry Yang out as well.

Damn straight — get them (the board) out of there. The Journal reports that Yahoo has hired executive recruitment firm Heidrick & Struggles to help find new board members. Here is my unsolicited advice — from a post I wrote in September 2011.

Here are the kind of people I am thinking Yang should be calling — Paul Maritz of VMWare, Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Verizon CEO Chairman Ivan Seidenberg and Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm. They can bring insights into cloud, social and mobile landscapes. To get a better grip on Silicon Valley and early stage innovation, Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital and Reid Hoffman of Greylock Capital are two names that come to mind.

Mickey Drexler of J.Crew or American Express CEO Ken Chenauth and Ford CEO Alan Mullaly. They would bring vital insight into retail, money and transportation in the era of “connectedness.” And to top it off, Yang should get former News Corp. president Peter Chernin, who started his own entertainment company, to sign on as the chairman of the board.

Okay, perhaps I am being too optimistic about Sandberg, who likely will have her hands full with Facebook this year.. But this a good short list to start with, especially if new CEO Scott Thompson wants to make innovation his focus.

  1. Really? What about board members from an end user perspective??? Industry “experts” on the wrong side of the fence is what landed yahoo in this spot.

    1. And who would you nominate, Really?

      1. Joshua Goldbard Monday, January 9, 2012

        Sandberg would be a killer addition to the Board. I think Yahoo is one of those time-honored Internet brands that should stop making stupid decisions.

        Personally, I think the SF Billboard that they just took down should get a board seat. If we can’t vote for inanimate objects, then I’d say Jack from Square or Kevin from Digg would be good options.


  2. I postulate myself to the board of Yahoo!!

  3. ofinterest2me Friday, January 6, 2012

    Umm.. 0.o

  4. Hopefully, Scott made a board shuffle a pre-condition of joining..

    1. That is what it seems like.

  5. Seidenberg? You’re joking right?

  6. The future is about data organization, even for wannabe media companies. Where pixel sorting is the smallest problem. I nominate Jeff Jonas.

    1. Jeff has the greatest job in the world already :-)

      1. I pointed him/his group to a DARPA project. Maybe you can get him real job :-).


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