GrabCAD, a specialist in open-source CAD software, has netted $4.2 million in new funding from its existing VC backers. It has also added Matrix Partners’ David Skok to its board, according to a new blog post by GrabCAD President Hardi Meybaum.


GrabCAD, a specialist in open-source CAD software, has netted $4.2 million in new funding from its existing VC backers. Plus, David Skok, the general partner with one of those backers, Matrix Partners, has joined GrabCAD’s board. The news was outlined in a blog post on Thursday by GrabCAD president Hardi Meybaum. Skok has some CAD cred: He is on the board of Dassault Systemes’ SolidWorks, a maker of 3-D CAD (or computer-aided design) software. Engineers use this kind of software to design products on-screen.

This cash influx shows that investors believe the open-source CAD model has legs. Other open-source CAD entries include SourceForge’s FreeCAD project and Cademia. And CAD is starting to come to the cloud as well. Autodesk, the CAD market leader, fields a cloud-based CAD effort called AutoCAD WS.

All the investors this time out also participated in an earlier June 2011 funding round of $1.1 million. Other GrabCAD investors include Atlas Venture; NextView Ventures; John McEleney, the former CEO of SolidWorks; Jon Stevenson, a former executive with PTC; and Andy Payne, who co-founded Open Market. GrabCAD was one of 12 Boston-area TechStars last year.

The new funding round will be used to staff up the Cambridge, Mass.–based company, which has job listings posted for a UX/UI engineer, a software architect and a senior software engineer, according to the GrabCAD website.

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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t look like GrabCAD really has anything to do with actual CAD software, or much of anything open-source for that matter. Browsing their web site, it appears to simply be a community for engineers to exchange models…

  2. I am pretty sure that Dave is right. I have seen nothing that suggests that this is about making their own software.

  3. ? There is no mention of open source at GrabCAD? Can you please clarify the connection.

    1. To clarify, GrabCAD promotes an online marketplace of mechanical engineers to share information and collaborate. It includes open source libraries here http://grabcad.com/library

      more here: http://grabcad.com/about

      i should have made this clearer. thanks for your comment.

  4. I don’t see any reference to CAD software on their website. It looks like a solid model repository. This article reads like a press release. You can’t draw with GrabCAD, because it’s not CAD software -crappy article.

  5. Nevermind, just another so-called “tech writer” who doesn’t really know what she’s talking about..

  6. Ahh, if nothing else this is a useful tool for me that I may not have heard about otherwise.

    I just downloaded the Millennium Falcon. :)

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