It looks like development superstar Ray Ozzie is about to come out of stealth mode: The force behind Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform-as-a-Service project and Lotus Notes is starting to hire developers for his new “Cocomo” project.


Ray Ozzie’s new software effort is starting to emerge.

Ozzie, the former chief software architect for Microsoft — and the force behind Windows Azure — is looking for a lead UX/UI designer, according to a job posting spotted on Facebook on Wednesday night. Candidates are asked to send their information to jobs@cocomo.com.

Details are slim, but the effort is clearly focused on mobility, and, interestingly, the ideal candidate should show proficiency in iOS and Android, according to the ad. There is no mention of Windows Phone.

According to the post:

We’re looking for a highly skilled, detail-oriented candidate who will bring deep interaction design & visual design capabilities to the core team.  It’s key that you already understand and embrace the conceptual models, constraints and affordances of the mobile/social design environment – which today means interest in the likes of

- iOS & Android, in both phone & pad form factors
- HTML/CSS, JS, WebGL as applied to the mobile environment
- Email & SMS, Facebook, Goggle+, [sic] Twitter
- Our multi-faceted identities, and issues of privacy & openness
- The social anthropology of our ever-growing use of mobile

Ozzie, who also led the team that developed Lotus Notes, is well-respected by programmers. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once called him the best programmer on the planet — and that was when Ozzie was still at Lotus Development Corp., a competitor to Microsoft. Gates later handpicked Ozzie as his successor as the chief software architect at Microsoft.

Applicants in the Seattle and Boston areas are preferable, although San Francisco or New York are options for the right candidates.

Ozzie, reached by email, had no comment.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user D.Begley

  1. Today at CES 2013, Ozzie strode on stage to the sound of organ music to announce that his stealth startup’s first product, named “Nautilus 2″, would bring Lotus Notes to the iOS and Android platforms. In other news, Microsoft and Nokia stock soared as investors anticipated record sales of WP7.

  2. Wohoo!!!! Ozzie is back!

  3. It’s not just mobility, right? The candidate also has to understand Social Networking applications. Why so late, is my only, incessant lament to Microsoft.

    1. And a mighty fine question form Microsoft. The question is, and only time will tell, if Microsoft is too late? So far they have been firmly on the road to irrelevance and they really need to flip that around before they just don’t matter.

      1. yes, microsoft is late but it’s historically been late in many markets and made up for lost time to dominate. Do you think that won’t happen again here?

      2. I’m no fan of Microsoft, but I do think their primary focus is on their cash-cow desktop products, and that cow will continue producing lots of milk for a long time. Road to irrelevance? Don’t forget Azure, Xbox, and Kinect.

  4. @Rich Don’t forget Bing, Windows Mobile, Skype, etc…


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