7 stories to read this weekend

Weekend Plans

Thanksgiving gave me an opportunity to take a much-needed break last week, and that meant skipping story recommendations as well. I am making amends now, so I have taken two weeks worth of reading materials and sorted them into seven must-read links. Enjoy.

  • The myth of work-life balance. John Beeson, writing for Harvard Business Review, argues that the new real-time world means that we need to find a new kind of personal organization and ways to relax. (Like I did last week in LA.)
  • The holy grail, Part 1 & Part 2: Designer Roger Black argues that bad advertising is killing the web and web design. The most articulate rant I have read on the topic. I am sending this around to all my peeps as well.
  • The Return of Amigo. This has nothing to do with anything, it is just a great story told by Dave Pell, a friend of mine. He is a great writer, a funny guy and more importantly he is an overlooked talent. He has been on the Internet longer than me.
  • The great unfolding. If you are as confounded by the events that have overwhelmed modern and developed societies like I am, then this piece by Jean Russell is a great read.
  • Roger Ebert on the sudden death of film. Eastman Kodak’s difficulties put in perspective put by the true disciple of the art form called film.
  • Our social life is a network of many peoples and many interests. It is conventional wisdom today but four years ago when Gina Bianchini said so, there weren’t many believers. I thought it was worth resurfacing the post, much like the founder of Ning who has resurfaced with her new companyMightybell.

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