Apple released iOS 5.0.1 on Thursday after a remarkably short beta testing period. But was the release too expedited? A number of complaints from iOS 5 device owners on the Apple Support Discussion forums suggest that could be the case.


Apple released iOS 5.0.1 on Thursday after a remarkably short beta testing period and faster than many expected after a promised timeline of a “few weeks.” But was the release too expedited? A number of complaints from iOS 5 device owners on the Apple Support Discussion forums suggest that could be the case.

Far from cries of relief, the Apple Discussions site has been flooded since the update with stories of how the software fix hasn’t actually fixed anything at all. Users complain that battery issues remain, and some who say they have never experienced any battery problems before the 5.0.1 update now see problems post-installation.

Many users (five pages’ worth of new complaints on one thread alone) are expressing a similar suspicion that maybe the battery issue is not really related to software at all but may be endemic to the iPhone 4S itself. Others claim that the 5.0.1 update has introduced new problems, like microphone failures, Wi-Fi signal loss and cellular network inconsistencies. Some of the issues I reported that weren’t addressed specifically by the update’s release notes appear to also remain in play, judging by reports from other users and personal experience since the update.

The update isn’t all bad; the introduction of multitouch gestures for the original iPad works well and is a welcome addition. And the first over-the-air iOS update went very smoothly, downloading and installing within just a few minutes, compared to the rather time-consuming and complicated process of updating via iTunes. But it does seem like it was rushed out the door without making sure it addressed the problem at the fore of most users’ minds.

I haven’t had any significant battery problems with iOS 5 and nothing seems to have changed in that regard, but the flood of disappointed feedback from users is undeniable. What about you? Has the update fixed your device, left it unchanged or made things worse?

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  1. Although I’ve never really been able to make it through a full day on one charge, after installing 5.0.1 and charging to 100% I woke up to 76% battery life. The only open apps were Mail, clock, and phone. I can’t imagine that loosing 24% battery on standby is considered a fix….

  2. Really was hoping for it to fix the volume problem when using Siri. No dice.

  3. I’ve to say that I didn’t had any battery issues before the update to 5.0.1, or at least, it was working OK for me. But since I updated the battery time is shorter. Now I’ll update back to OS5.0 version.

  4. I never had any battery issues, but I was hoping that this update would fix sound check. It did not. My music volume is all over the place.

  5. I have an iPhone 4s. I love the phone. I HATE the battery. I use my phone a lot and I have to charge it 3 times a day! When I had my 3GS I never had to do that. I did the update last night and it was smooth and fast but it did nothing! I have a suspicion that it made the battery even worse.

  6. Not tested it fully yet but it doesn’t stop location services being on all the time when activated for “Setting Time Zone” in system location settings.

  7. I was definitely experiencing battery issues prior to the update, as well as some other issues, one notably being that regardless of what sort of signal the phone was reporting, cellular internet would occasionally seem to simply fail, with nothing loading or loading VERY slowly unless I flicked Airplane mode on and off or restart the phone completely.

    In my limited testing of the update yesterday and this morning, I can report that my battery is much better, closer to my prior iPhone 4’s battery life now, and that even the cellular connection seems stronger and more consistent. So yea, personally pretty happy with this update.

  8. I wasnt having any particular battery issues however was experiencing that same random Internet stoppage. More so when on 3G service. A quick reset seemed to fix the problem too. Haven’t had any issues since updating.

  9. after my update i haven’t been able to connect to my cellular network for about 90 percent of the time. this is not good at all! fix this Apple!

  10. I am amazed because I was one of those who worked with apple to try and help fix the issue and they would combat me with.. Well this the way it’s supposed to be when obviously it shouldn’t.. I gave up after a few tries of trying to explain my issues

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