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Our first-ever GigaOM RoadMap event is today, examining how constant connectivity will change the way we work, live, create and consume. Watch the livestream and follow our live blogs here. The livestream starts at 8:40 a.m.


Connectivity is changing everything. Near-ubiquitous broadband has created a world where companies can work seamlessly with employees in other states or even countries. It’s given us easy access to movies and TV shows right from our living room. But where will these changes take us in the next few years?

At GigaOM RoadMap, we’ll get answers to that question. We’ve assembled some of the great thinkers and innovators — people like Square’s Jack Dorsey, Arista Network’s Andy Bechtolsheim, and Sequoia Capital’s Michael Moritz — to answer that question and tell us how connectivity will change how we live, work, create and consume.

Our livestream of the event begins at 8:25 8:40 a.m. PT on Thursday, November 10, and we will be live-blogging the onstage sessions throughout both days. Please join the conversation on Twitter (use the #RoadMapConf hashtag and follow @gigaomroadmap).

Live-blogged stories from the event:

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  1. GigaOM RoadMap 2011: live video coverage | Tech News and Analysis http://t.co/E4SaUV2P

  2. Andrew Brisman Monday, November 21, 2011

    Did you know how you can promote your events with Google Plus?! This is damn good!

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