Join us for GigaOM RoadMap 2011 to get an in-depth look at the most significant trends in consumer connectedness. GigaOM editors and GigaOM Pro analysts will reveal the business challenges and opportunities that connectedness will present over the next 12 to 18 months.

Attendees - Structure 10 pic

Blazing fast networks, cheap silicon, always-on devices and a torrent of data will fundamentally change everything — how we consume media, how we work, how and what we buy, and even who we are. Join us on Nov. 10 to explore how connectedness will transform every industry and facet of life. Can’t wait? Here’s a snapshot of the opportunities we’ll examine at GigaOM RoadMap.

Meet the GigaOM editors and analysts who are unveiling the trends driving consumer connectedness. The speaker lineup includes:

  • David Card, Director of Research, GigaOM Pro
  • Katie Fehrenbacher, Senior Writer, GigaOM
  • Mathew Ingram, Senior Writer, GigaOM
  • Ryan Kim, Staff Writer, GigaOM
  • Ryan Lawler, Staff Writer, GigaOM
  • Om Malik, Founder, GigaOM
  • Jody Ranck, Analyst, GigaOM Pro
  • Paul Sweeting, Analyst, GigaOM Pro
  • Michael Wolf, VP of Research, GigaOM Pro

All registered attendees to GigaOM RoadMap will receive a complimentary copy of a GigaOM Pro in-depth report on the future of connectivity. Register today.

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