YouTube is starting another round of its Next Creators programs, and this time, it’s inviting people from eight countries to join in from home: The site will teach producers for three months via Google+ Hangouts how to make better fitness and cooking videos.

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YouTube will use Google+ Hangouts to teach producers how to make better cooking videos.

Talk about eating your own dog food: YouTube will use Hangouts to teach video makers how to improve their production skills, according to a blog post published Wednesday morning. The video sharing site announced that the popular Google+ group video chat service will be an essential part of a new round of its YouTube Next Creator programs.

YouTube will start two virtual classes using Hangouts in November, with 16 participants learning how to produce better cooking videos as part of YouTube Next Chef, and 16 others honing their fitness video making skills with YouTube Next Trainer. Both classes will last three months, and partners from eight countries including the U.S., the U.K. and India are invited to apply online at and, respectively.

YouTube’s Next Creator programs are part of the site’s efforts to support its partners in growing their audience and producing better videos to sell ads against. The site previously organized in-person classes at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and Columbia College Chicago’s Television Department in May.

It looks like YouTube may have found a way to make this kind of mentoring more readily available on an international basis with Hangouts. A Google spokesperson told me that the Hangout lessons won’t be live streamed to a bigger audience, but said that YouTube is looking into ways to share the content from the program more broadly. “The members of the program will also be making videos just about each week and will be incorporating lessons they’re learning,” he added.

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